Marion Bartoli announced her retirement from the sport, only one month after her victory at Wimbledon. The French player surprised everyone with her announcement Wednesday after a loss to Simona Halep in Ohio.

Bartoli told reporters it was a tough decision and was a result of experiencing pain on the court and that her body wouldn’t allow her to continue. The Wimbledon win followed her 47th Grand Slam appearance, which set the record for most majors started before a first win. Although early retirement has been a recurring trend in tennis, Bartoli stated that unlike other players she would not come back to play the sport.

Bartoli told reporters she was tired physically and that the decision to retire, while not being easy, was a personal choice. Although the decision was surprising, there were no hints of retirement until her announcement on Wednesday. Bartoli decided that she has no real desire to continue to play with existing injuries, but will cherish the Wimbledon win as “the most beautiful goal” of her life and career.