In 1972, the Miami Dolphins had a perfect season. That team went undefeated into the playoffs (a season was only 14 games back then) and reeled off three straight playoff victories to become Super Bowl champions in ’72. No team had done so before them, and no team has done so since. The 2007 New England Patriots almost did it, but they got stymied by the New York Giants in the Super Bowl.

So, history seems to be divided on the ability of teams to completely run the table. It certainly isn’t a simple feat to beat NFL teams week in and week out, but not to lose at all…that would be impressive. My question is, can Green Bay do it? Aaron Rodgers has certainly come a long way since Brett Favre treated him like a whipping boy. In fact, for the sake of throwing it in Favre’s face, I kind of hope the Packers go all the way.

The Packer offense is virtually unbeatable. They rank third in passing offense (308.8 yards per game) and 29 in rushing yards (96.5 per game). The questions are going to start coming when the Pack plays a team that has an offense that is similar to their’s–like the Saints. Granted, the Packers matched up with the Saints at the beginning of the season and beat them by eight. Honestly, Packer fans ought to be relieved that the game against the Saints was at the beginning of the season, because the Saints certainly have had a coming out party since that loss (barring a head-scratcher in St. Louis and a very winnable game in Tampa Bay).

The Saints have the best passing offense in the NFL. Furthermore, they have the eighth-best rushing yards in the NFL at 123.3 yards a game. So, what will the Packers defense, especially the slightly-maligned Packer secondary do if they have to match up against a Brees-run offense in the playoffs. Can they manage it? They certainly proved they can in week one, but that was week one. Something to think about.

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