Since its inception in 1974, the Triathlon has become a booming sports event worldwide. The creation of the Triathlon took place in the early 1970’s, and proceeded to boom towards the end of the decade. Not even four decades later, it is one of the most watched Olympic events there is today.

Why is the Triathlon so popular? There are many different reasons for this. First off, training is much more interesting than simply training for a single sport. The Triathlon events, which include running, swimming, and cycling, are much more intense to train for combined than alone. Therefore, workouts are more varied and require much more skill than the average one-event workout.

This leads to another reason for its popularity, which of course is the tremendous health offered by the event due to its intense need for a strong cardiovascular system. Training for all of these events over time will greatly increase the power and strength of the cardiovascular system as well as overall stamina and endurance. Many people who have previously struggled with addiction problems are known to become Triathletes because of the intense commitment that is needed to go through with it.

Also, the varieties of events that are in the Triathlon mean that you do not necessarily need to be stellar in one aspect of it to win the entire event. This leads to a variety of people that are able to participate because even if they are somewhat weaker in one event, they can make up for it with their strength in another.

The current state of the economy is another predictor as to why the Triathlon is growing rapidly. It is known that intense exercise can relieve one of negative feelings which can be induced by financial problems, hence an increase in the amount of Triathletes.

Finally, the completion of a Triathlon is seen as a major achievement and provides motivation to those who compete in it. Whether you finish in last place or first place, the fact that you actually went through the training and hard work required to even compete in the first place is quite impressive. Many of the competitors are eager to tell their racing story to their families and friends no matter what the outcome of the race is. Their social status and ego is enlarged as people admire their achievements. This aspect of the Triathlon keeps many people coming back for more and helps propel the event to its huge popularity.

Clearly, the Triathlon is a prestigious event which will continue to grow rapidly in the upcoming years. With the eager and excited fan base combined with the motivated and inspired Triathletes, this event will remain a worldwide sports fever for a long period of time.