Love football? Love social media? Well we’ve created just the sort of thing you’ll like.

Fans around Europe have been screaming at their TVs and taking to Twitter to voice their opinions about the players in Euro 2012. We wondered what the line-up would be if we listened to Twitter instead of the managers.

In line with our cool interactive data-viz, we’ve created a couple of infographics to show which eleven players would make the team if the crowd made the calls, and which stories emerged from looking at the data.

  • England’s real frontline failed to inspire much chatter, with the likes of Welbeck and Walcott consigned to the bench in favour of Wayne Rooney and Andy Carroll. The former’s anniversary and the latter’s exclusion from the team were huge talking points.
  • Mr. controversy John Terry topped the mentions list, with team-mate and goal scorer Joleon Lescott also making the team, who has had over 57k tweets about him so far
  • Three midfielders who did play, Henderson, Milner and Young, failed to provoke more discussion than everyone’s favourite whipping boy, Stewart Downing, who has been the subject of thousands of negative tweets.

With our American office sadly left out of the competition due to their geographic location, it was left to our German office to offer a counterpart to the England infographic. You can check out our German data-viz here, and below is our infographic for the German team (here’s a link to our post in German!)