The Washington Nationals just found another way to get their fans more involved in the action when they go to the ballpark to watch a game. The Nationals will be hosting their inagural #IYNT (Ignite Your NATITUDE Tweet-up) social media event that will take place before and during their game tonight against the San Francisco Giants. Don’t forget to arrive early.

It is one of the coolest things I have ever seen a professional sports team do to get their fans engaged and feel a part of the action. For a price of $20 all fans have to do is is tweet “RSVP #INYT” to @Nationals and they are on the list.

The Nationals haven’t revealed everything you will get for the event but they have revealed a sneak peek. If you RSVP for the event you will get a free commemorative poster, discount ticket for the game and an opportunity at more free giveaways through the game. The first 140 people to show up the event that have RSVP will receive a limited edition “Ignite your NATITUDE T-Shirt!” And if that wasn’t enough, the game will feature a firework show. The first 10 RSVP’s will also receive an exclusive meet and greet with a Nationals player.

The Nationals will also provide you with an extra $6 credit to use anywhere in the ballpark. If your a Nationals fan then this is the event for you. Washington is already having a great season, leading the division so why not go out to the stadium and be a part of their first social media event.

The #IYNT event has all the makings to be a smashing success, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see more professional teams in any sport follow in the foot-steps that the Nationals have laid out.

For complete information on the event be sure visit the official TweetUp page.

(Photos Courtesy of the Washington Nationals and Howard Smith-US PRESSWIRE)