It is very unlike the UFC to cancel an entire show but they have done just that. UFC 151 which was scheduled for Sept. 1 2012 had the current champ Jon Jones title defense against Dan Henderson.

The first option was to allow Chael Sonnen to fight in place of the hurt Henderson, but Jones turned down the fight.

Jones will now go into UFC 152 fighting against Lyoto Machida in Toronto. So, what are on the minds of the other 18 other fighters on the card who are disappointed that the show was cancelled. Most of these fights will be pushed to another UFC card I can’t help but feel bad for them.

The fighters devote a tremendous amount of time, energy, money, and other resources into training camp. So, when at the end of that training camp there is no pay day they have to basically eat all those expenses.

One of the fighters for the card Charlie Brenneman tweeted to Jon Jones that he could send him a paycheck to his address since his rent is due at the first of the month. These fighters live from fight to fight they don’t have a large nest egg they can absorb this type of hit to their income. So, needless to say a lot of those fighters are upset at Jones for turning down the fight with Sonnen.

Here are some other tweets from some of the other fighters including Brenneman:

So, what do you think? Should Jones have taken the fight against Sonnen? Was he right to turn it down?