Not much to write about there…wow. The Korean Zombie reigns supreme. Hominick left the foot in the bucket as they say. Tied for the quickest KO in UFC history!

Result: Jung wins by KO

Antonio Rogerio Nogueira vs. Tito Ortiz

Round 1—Both guys look very steady coming in.  Great kick for Tito start followed up by a nice uppercut.  Nice dirty boxing by Tito trying to wear him down.  Little Nog lands a left hook followed by a barrage of punches about 3:30 in.  Knee by Little Nog crumbles Tito.  Ortiz is able to pull guard and defend intelligently for a bit.  Devastating  assortment of  fists and elbows by Minotauro, namely to Ortiz’ ribs force a stoppage from Yves Lavigne in Round 1.

Result—Nogueira via TKO