I never liked Tim Tebow. When he was at Florida, I watched some of his games, and I couldn’t stand how often he would call his own number and yell at his defense. Sure, that’s one way to inspire your team and get people fired up. However, I just thought Tebow would venture out of his place when he would charge up and down the sidelines screaming. I still remember what the announcers would say “Look at Tebow, he’s such a leader, he’s such a catalyst, blah, blah, blah.” If getting in someone’s face and screaming at them was a motivator, then we would see more ex-WWF wrestlers becoming CEOs, and not actors.

Anyway, all that aside, Tebow was drafted in the first round by the Denver Broncos. In his rookie year, he came in for the last three games with a 3-10 team and won one of those three games. If that were the case with any other team, or any other player for that matter, he probably wouldn’t have gotten the nod again unless the starter got injured.

However, Tebow’s number got called last Sunday once the woeful Kyle Orton was just too bad for John Fox to handle. At halftime (with San Diego leading Denver 26-10), Orton was pulled and Tebow went in. In his first huddle, Tebow rallied the troops and asked them to “believe in me.”

It seemed to work, because Tebow marched the team down the field and scored two quick touchdowns in three minutes. That ignited an already pro-Tebow crowd to get on it’s feet and cheer. In the game’s final seconds, Tebow marched the team down the field one last time and scored (that being his second touchdown). However, Denver was still down by two points, so they had to go for the two-point conversion in order to tie the game. Tebow’s pass fell incomplete and the Broncos lost (and even though the crowd was disappointed, it didn’t take them long to start chanting “Te-bow, Te-bow, Te-bow”).

The cheer was probably half as a plea to coach John Fox, and half as a proverbial pat on the back for a job well done. In the span of two short years, Tim Tebow went from top dog in the college football world, to underling in a struggling Denver offense. Fox wasn’t going to give Tebow the starting spot, and even had him as the third-string quarterback at one point this summer. However through his own efforts, Tebow has risen to the next hope for the Broncos.

The fans already love him (regardless of how little he has played). So, now it’s just up to Tebow to validate the fans’ praise. I guess we’ll see what happens on Sunday.

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