When people look at MMA champions Georges St. Pierre, Jon Jones or Anderson Silva, many MMA fans, commentators and reporters believe they are pound-for-pound the greatest mixed martial arts fighters in their division. Many also believe that since they are superbly dominant as fighters and they have the ability to go through each opponent who stands before them that there are no other MMA fighters who can actually beat these amazingly talented warriors during a bout.

The 29 year-old Welterweight champion, St. Pierre, 22-2, hasn’t lost a match since 2007. To understand how impressive St. Pierre is as a fighter, it should be noted that he has not lost a round, not one round, in over three years. What St. Pierre has going for him other than his unrelenting MMA cardio conditioning, which includes gymnastics in his regimen, but his striking game is superior. He is also considered one of the most disciplined athletes in the world, which helps St. Pierre stay focused even when his opponents trash talk him. He doesn’t give in to the mind games.

At the tender age of 24, Light Heavyweight champion Jon Jones seems unstoppable. He is a well-rounded fighter. He is fast. He is strong. He can wrestle. He can stand and trade strikes. After defeating Mauricio Rua at UFC 128 to become the youngest UFC champion ever, his skills have only improved and Jones continues to get better with each match.

Anderson Silva, the current UFC Middleweight champion, has many MMA experts and analysts, including Frank Hyden from MMA Torch and Scout Harris of bleacher report, claiming he is not just one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in mixed martial arts, but he is the best, period.

Silva holds a 14-0 record in the UFC. He remains undefeated by using an arsenal of weapons such as lethal strikes and kicks, Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling, grappling, cardio and endurance conditioning, and mental and psychological warfare. Silva’s strategy and unorthodox movements in the cage helps him not only beat opponents, but he seems to play tricks on their mind, which throws them off their game.

It seems these three champions are invincible, but even Superman had his Achilles heel – Kryptonite. So, it is possible someone could get in the cage and do the unthinkable, but to do so, it seems that the perfect MMA fighter would have to be invented.


The perfect MMA fighter, one who is unbeatable and unstoppable would have to be extraordinary at many things. To see what the perfect fighter would look like, a piece of each of the following fighters would do the trick.

Dan Henderson – Take his sheer knockout power and his overhand right, which is devastating.

Phil Davis – He is someone who can match Jones’ speed. His grappling would also be a plus.

Forest Griffin – He has the ability to go on and on and on without gassing out. He has the cardio conditioning to last five rounds and never get tired.

Randy Couture – The experienced fighter, who used mental strategy as a key component in his fight plan.

Rashad Evans – combines slick boxing with strong takedowns. Although, he is an amazingly skilled wrestler, Evans may also have the fastest hands in the light heavyweight division.

Jose Aldo – As another fighter who is undefeated in the UFC with an 11-0 record, Aldo compares to Silva with his ability to finish fights with his hands, feet, knees and elbows.

Chael Sonnen – He was the first and only MMA fighter to ever come close to taking out Silva during a match. Enough said.

Hector Lombard – As the Bellator and CFC middleweight champ, Lombard is currently on an 18-fight winning streak. He is considered a knockout artist with 14 of his 18 fights coming by way of KO or striking-related stoppage.

Junior dos Santos – With his latest and impressive win over Cain Velasquez, by way of a knock out, and by becoming the UFC heavyweight champion, dos Santos has proven he has what it takes to be called one of the greatest MMA fighters in the world.

Nick Diaz – Nick’s wrestling skills may be lacking, but he makes up for that with his superior stand-up game. In fact, his famous liver shot has been known to take out some of the best middleweights in the UFC. Plus, Diaz has an iron chin. He can take a solid hit and still press forward.

Jake Shields – He may be among the best, if not the best, submission grappler in the welterweight division.


It has gotten to the point where MMA fans are screaming for a match between St. Pierre and Silva or Silva and Jones because no other fighters in their perspective weight division can beat either of them.

Maybe the answer would be to have the light heavyweight, Jones, move down to middleweight and the welterweight, Georges St. Pierre could put on 15 pounds and move up to middleweight, and then have UFC matches between three of MMA greats.

The man who is standing at the end would definitely earn the title – The Perfect MMA Fighter.

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