In my classes on media, my professors would always tell us that the media is the watchdog of America. If something goes wrong, the media will be all over it. The best evidence of that we are seeing with the G.O.P. candidates. Michelle Bachman has had some gaffes, and the media hasn’t let her forget about it. Rick Perry kind of ruined his own campaign, but without the media to fuel the fire on his recent forgetfulness, Perry was done. Herman Cain’s popularity was stifled as soon as reports were leaked about Cain’s infidelity. He managed to continue to be the frontrunner for a while, but after Ginger White came forward he was sunk. People are just waiting for Gingrich to come under media scrutiny to see what skeletons he has in his closet.

This article has nothing to do with politics, so I’m sorry if the above example bored you. Whenever I have looked at the NFL schedule, I have started to pay attention to the teams that the Denver Broncos are playing. I have wanted to see Denver lose for a while. Not because I have any vested interest in the AFC West standings, but I have gotten tired of Tebow getting all this credit for “winning” games. The defense keeps them in games, Willis McGahee has had a great year, etc. So, I wondered why Tebow got the marquee credit for winning the games. I wanted to see Tebow lose because I am petty. I may have to change my tune.

When LSU was making its bid for a perfect season run, I was already interested in their success because I have a very good friend from Baton Rouge. However, that loyalty intensified after I read an article about Les Miles’ character. Les Miles is a good, considerate family man. I realize he is unorthodox, and he didn’t get the ‘mad hatter’ nickname for nothing, but he’s a good guy who loves his kids. To me, that’s the most important thing in the world. So, I root for the Tigers so that nice guys can finish first. As I was scouring ESPN today, I noticed an article about Bronco head coach John Fox that changed my perception of Denver.

This is Fox’s first year as a head coach in the NFL. At the beginning, his team went 2-5. Looking at a possible early exit from his position, Fox changed the plan and went with Tim Tebow. He said he had coached against the option read in college, and it can make teams look bad. He said it took him two years to figure it out. Fox took a gamble and plugged in his second-year QB, who makes experts grit their teeth. Since going with the read option, the Broncos have gone 6-1. Sure, give Tebow credit for running it, but make sure the coach gets a mention as well.

Fox keeps his players relaxed and loose. Fox takes his team a few days early on road trips so that his players can bond with each other a little more. Fox has one player stand up and address the team before every game. He also is very jovial: before the game against Minnesota, the team was waiting in the tunnel, tells Britton Colquitt–Broncos punter, and someone farted. Colquitt describes it as a fairly foul-smelling dose. Fox calmly quipped, “someone must be nervous.” Colquitt later recounted, “That’s what he’s like…I just met him this year, and I feel like I’ve known him 20 years.”

I can pull for good people. John Fox seems like a good guy to me. So, I can pull for the Denver Broncos, even if that means rooting for Tebow.

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