There are several of our readers that have asked us about MMA betting and although we don’t condone it we think everyone should make an educated decision about what they are doing if they should choose to participate in MMA gambling.  So, here are some basic guiltiness and rules of thumb to remember when and if you should decide to gamble on the UFC or any other MMA fight at play casino online.  MMA gambling lines (or odds) will also be sometimes known as money-lines. Your standard MMA line for any fight might look something similar to this example…

  • Jon Jones (-245)
  • Rampage Jackson ( 165)

The Fight Within The Fight:

Jon Jones will be the favorite at -245. Which means that for each $2.45 you wager on Jon Jones, you’ll profit $1 if he wins. If you wager $245 on Jon Jones to win, and that he wins your dream you’ll profit $100.  If Jones manages to lose then you’ll lose your original $245 wager.Now should you wager on Rampage within this fight, he will be the underdog just like in blackjack games. Rampage at 165 means that he’s the underdog within this fight.

Each $1

For each $1 you wager on Rampage, you’d profit $1.65. So should you wager $100 on Jackson and that he wins your dream, you’d profit $165.Should you wager $100 on Rampage, and that he manages to lose your dream you would then you need to be your original $100 wager. Despite the fact that you can win $165, you would not need to lose $165, because you are betting around the underdog.

Why are MMA Gambling Lines like this?

MMA lines may be a little confusing for you if you are a new comer to gambling.The primary reason the line is such as this would be to balance out the chances for that sportsbooks. If every line was upright even, everybody would certainly wager around the faves and also the sportsbooks would generate losses on every fight.

Unlike sports for example football and basketball where there’s a pointspread (Eagles -7), MMA fights should have a moneyline to balance out the betting action on both sides from the spread which you can see at play casino online.