Charles Barkley have a little alligator soufflé courtesy of Snoop Dogg.

Though chances are the NBA Hall of Famer might not be sure just what he was eating, Barkley may have been open to partaking of it if you’re to believe the promise he made days ago that he wouldn’t eat again until the then winless L.A. Lakers won their first game of the season.

After Kobe Bryant and the Lakers blitzed the Charlotte Hornets 107-92 Sunday night at the Staples Center, the hip hop icon and diehard Lakers fans clearly seemed to have Barkley on the brain as he extended him his heartfelt advice.

TMZ Sports reports the Urban Dictionary translates Snoop’s culinary suggestion as meaning “a real pimp way of saying everything is lovely.”

While that boast might be a stretch in the case of the Lakers, at least they aren’t the team today that they were yesterday. Bryant and Jeremy Lin both finished with 21 points and Carlos Boozer chipped in with 16 to improve the Lakers to 1-5.

“We’ve got to start somewhere,” said Bryant. “We sat down on them defensively. We flew around and made them take tough shots, made a conscious effort to post Booz early.”

And just like that, the Lakers were feasting again— at least for one night.

[Photo Credit: R2K4 Berg]