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Heading into the 2010 draft, there was a clear No. 1 pick — 2008 Heisman Trophy winner Sam Bradford. The Rams went 1-15 in 2009 behind an uninspiring trio of starting quarterbacks: Marc Bulger, Kyle Boller and Keith Null. After a record-setting college career, Bradford was supposed to be the one to right the ship in St. Louis.

Five years later, injuries and poor play have made Bradford a severe disappointment. Six of the top seven picks from the 2010 draft have made at least one Pro Bowl, with the former Oklahoma star the lone exception. Given the choice to go back, the Rams would almost certainly make a different decision. Using a combination of Approximate Value, Pro Bowl berths, All-Pro selections and team need, PointAfter went through and re-picked the first round of the 2010 draft.

Hindsight is 20/20, so we can’t exactly blame St. Louis for going with Bradford, given the state of the franchise. But had the team made a different choice with the top pick, the ripple effect would have created a very different NFL landscape today.

#1. Ndamukong Suh

Team: St. Louis Rams
Original No. 1 Pick: Sam Bradford
Original Slot for Suh: First round, No. 2 overall

Suh has the highest Approximate Value (60) of any player from the 2010 draft. The Rams definitely needed a quarterback, but there just haven’t been any great signal-callers to come out of this draft. They would have been better off just taking the best overall player, and that’s been Suh. He also leads the class of 2010 with five All-Pro selections — four first-team nods and one second-team.

#2. Earl Thomas

Team: Detroit Lions
Original No. 2 Pick: Ndamukong Suh
Original Slot for Thomas: First round, No. 14 overall

Though Richard Sherman is the most vocal member of the “Legion of Boom,” Thomas is the one who earns the group its moniker. The hard-hitting safety has the second-highest AV (53) from this draft, and the Lions would love to have him patrolling their secondary.

#3. Rob Gronkowski

Team: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Original No. 3 Pick: Gerald McCoy
Original Slot for Gronkowski: Second round, No. 42 overall

Gronkowski’s career AV (43) actually ranks No. 11 among players from this draft, but that’s largely a result of the games he’s missed to injury. Granted, staying healthy plays a big role in a player’s value, but there’s no doubting Gronk’s impact when he’s on the field. The Bucs already had Kellen Winslow on the roster, but they would gladly have taken the current Patriots star had they known what type of player he’d become.

#4. NaVorro Bowman

Team: Washington Redskins
Original No. 4 Pick: Trent Williams
Original Slot for Bowman: Third round, No. 91 overall

Aside from Patrick Willis, no defensive player was more important during the Niners’ run of three straight NFC championship game appearances than Bowman. The third-round pick is a three-time first-team All-Pro selection and has bounced back nicely this season after recovering from a torn ACL and MCL in his left knee.

#5. Antonio Brown

Team: Kansas City Chiefs
Original No. 5 Pick: Eric Berry
Original Slot for Brown: Sixth round, No. 195 overall

Eric Berry has been an outstanding player for Kansas City, so the franchise isn’t exactly regretting that decision. Brown was a complete unknown entering the draft, and didn’t emerge as the superstar he is today until 2013. Had the Chiefs somehow foreseen Brown’s ascension and taken him here, they would have found themselves a go-to perimeter threat for years to come. With Brown in the fold, Kansas City probably wouldn’t have gone 594 days without a wide receiver catching a touchdown pass.

#6. Eric Berry

Team: Seattle Seahawks
Original No. 6 Pick: Russell Okung
Original Slot for Berry: First round, No. 4 overall

Berry doesn’t slide far in this re-draft, falling one slot to the Seahawks. Though he replaces Okung here and not Earl Thomas (Seattle took Thomas with pick No. 14), he would be a nice replacement as the starting safety, and the defense most likely wouldn’t have skipped a beat.

#7. Dez Bryant

Team: Cleveland Browns
Original No. 7 Pick: Joe Haden
Original Slot for Bryant: First round, No. 24 overall

Bryant slipped all the way to No. 24 due to character concerns, but he’s been very productive thus far in his NFL career. He’s had legal issues since entering the league, including an arrest for striking his mother, but he has the highest AV (48) of any wideout from the 2010 draft.

#8. Demaryius Thomas

Team: Oakland Raiders
Original No. 8 Pick: Rolando McClain
Original Slot for Thomas: First round, No. 22 overall

Thomas was the first wide receiver taken in the 2010 draft and was a steal for Denver at pick No. 22. The Raiders’ pick of Rolando McClain was a disaster, and the team’s leading wide receiver in 2008 was Louis Murphy. In the 2009 draft, Oakland infamously took Darius Heyward-Bey with the No. 7 overall pick. Raiders fans would have rioted if the franchise took a mulligan by selecting yet another wide receiver in the top 10, but if they had taken Thomas, they would have gotten it right.

#9. Geno Atkins

Team: Buffalo Bills
Original No. 9 Pick: C.J. Spiller
Original Slot for Atkins: Fourth round, No. 120 overall

Atkins was a steal in the fourth round, as he’s become a three-time Pro Bowl selection with the Bengals. C.J. Spiller had some good seasons for the Bills but lacked durability, so Atkins would have been a better long-term selection.

#10. Mike Iupati

Team: Jacksonville Jaguars
Original No. 10 Pick: Tyson Alualu
Original Slot for Iupati: First round, No. 17 overall

Alualu has been a solid yet unspectacular player for the Jaguars during his career. Iupati, however, has carved out a niche as a mainstay guard for San Francisco and now Arizona. He is a three-time Pro Bowler and currently ranks as the 10th-best guard in the league by Pro Football Focus.

#11. Gerald McCoy

Team: San Francisco 49ers
Original No. 11 Pick: Anthony Davis
Original Slot for McCoy: First round, No. 3 overall

McCoy has been everything the Bucs could have asked for as the No. 3 pick in the draft, with three first-team All-Pro selections. He ranks 13th in this draft in AV (38). Davis had five productive seasons for the 49ers before abruptly leaving the team prior to the 2015 season, though he said he planned on returning to the league.

#12. Trent Williams

Team: San Diego Chargers
Original No. 12 Pick: Ryan Mathews
Original Slot for Williams: First round, No. 4 overall

Ryan Mathews’ tenure with the Chargers had some bright spots but was largely derailed due to injuries. Williams is a three-time Pro Bowler and has lived up to his status as a top-five pick. He currently ranks as the sixth-best tackle in the league for 2015, according to Pro Football Focus.

#13. Maurkice Pouncey

Team: Philadelphia Eagles
Original No. 13 Pick: Brandon Graham
Original Slot for Pouncey: First round, No. 18 overall

Pouncey’s career AV is 48, tied with Dez Bryant for fourth-most of any player from this draft. His re-draft stock takes a hit due to lower body injuries that have kept him out of action this season, putting his future in jeopardy. Without the health concerns, the four-time All-Pro selection would be much higher.

#14. Joe Haden

Team: Seattle Seahawks
Original No. 14 Pick: Earl Thomas
Original Slot for Haden: First round, No. 7 overall

Haden would fit the Seahawks defense’s aggressive style of play perfectly. The two-time Pro Bowler has the second-highest AV (35) of any defensive back in the 2010 draft, trailing only Earl Thomas.

#15. Jason Pierre-Paul

Team: New York Giants
Original No. 15 Pick: Jason Pierre-Paul
Original Slot for Pierre-Paul: First round, No. 15 overall

Here’s one pick that played out pretty perfectly. Pierre-Paul was crucial during the Giants’ 2011 Super Bowl-winning season, leading the team with 16.5 sacks. His hand injury caused by a fireworks-related accident has put a bit of a damper on his career, but he’s still been a very productive player during his career and proven himself worthy of a mid-first round pick.

#16. Jimmy Graham

Team: Tennessee Titans
Original No. 16 Pick: Derrick Morgan
Original Slot for J. Graham: Third round, No. 95 overall

Graham was an unknown entering the 2010 draft after spending just one season on the Miami Hurricanes football team. He played four seasons of college basketball and had elite size and athleticism, but his lack of experience dropped him all the way to the third round. Five years and three Pro Bowl selections later, the Titans would love to have Graham as a focal point of their offense.

#17. Kam Chancellor

Team: San Francisco 49ers
Original No. 17 Pick: Mike Iupati
Original Slot for Chancellor: Fifth round, No. 133 overall

Chancellor is just one of several late-round gems picked by the Seahawks. His sub-par 4.70 time in the 40-yard dash played a big factor in his low draft stock, but he’s proven himself plenty capable of guarding NFL wideouts.

#18. Devin McCourty

Team: Pittsburgh Steelers
Original No. 18 Pick: Maurkice Pouncey
Original Slot for McCourty: First round, No. 27 overall

McCourty was the third cornerback taken in this draft and is tied with Joe Haden for the highest AV at the position. He’s been a mainstay for the Patriots’ defense for his entire career and would be a welcomed lynchpin for the Steelers had they taken him here at No. 18.

#19. Eric Decker

Team: Atlanta Falcons
Original No. 19 Pick: Sean Weatherspoon
Original Slot for Decker: Third round, No. 87 overall

Decker’s production skyrocketed with the arrival of Peyton Manning in 2012. His 24 combined touchdown receptions in 2013 and 2014 earned him a lucrative contract with the Jets, where he’s become a go-to target for Ryan Fitzpatrick. If Decker was a member of the Falcons today, he’d be a great compliment to Julio Jones.

#20. T.J. Ward

Team: Houston Texans
Original No. 20 Pick: Kareem Jackson
Original Slot for Ward: Second round, No. 38 overall

Jackson has been a solid contributor for the Texans defense, but Ward has been the better safety. Ward’s career AV of 30 is the second-highest among safeties from this draft. He’s also made two Pro Bowls since entering the league in 2010.

#21. Zane Beadles

Team: Cincinnati Bengals
Original No. 21 Pick: Jermaine Gresham
Original Slot for Beadles: Second round, No. 45 overall

Beadle’s career AV of 37 is tied for the 14th-highest among players from this draft and second-highest among guards. He is a 2012 Pro Bowl selection and signed a five-year, $30 million contract with the Jaguars prior to the 2014 season.

#22. Ryan Mathews

Team: Denver Broncos
Original No. 22 Pick: Demaryius Thomas
Original Slot for Mathews: First round, No. 12 overall

Though he flashed promise during his stint with the Chargers, Mathews missed 20 games over his first five NFL seasons. He was the second running back taken in the 2010 draft and has the highest career AV among the class of 2010 running backs.

#23. Bryan Bulaga

Team: Green Bay Packers
Original No. 23 Pick: Bryan Bulaga
Original Slot for Bulaga: First round, No. 23 overall

Here’s another pick that requires no alteration. Bulaga’s career has been troubled by injuries, which caused him to miss 11 games from 2011 to 2012 and the entire 2013 season. But he’s been stellar when healthy, and the Packers rewarded him with a $33.5 million contract before the 2015 season.

#24. Golden Tate

Team: Dallas Cowboys
Original No. 24 Pick: Dez Bryant
Original Slot for Tate: Second round, No. 60 overall

Though he hasn’t been quite as productive as Dez Bryant, Tate would have fit in nicely with the Cowboys offense. The former Notre Dame star made the 2014 Pro Bowl as a member of the Lions after a 1,331-yard season.

#25. Russell Okung

Team: Denver Broncos
Original No. 25 Pick: Tim Tebow
Original Slot for Okung: First round, No. 6 overall

Though Tebow led the Broncos to an exciting playoff win in 2011, Okung would have been a more valuable pick at No. 25. Okung has been a mainstay on the Seahawks’ offensive line and made the 2012 Pro Bowl.

#26. C.J. Spiller

Team: Arizona Cardinals
Original No. 26 Pick: Dan Williams
Original Slot for Spiller: First round, No. 9 overall

Spiller was an elite all-purpose back in college, and the Bills had high hopes that he’d become the focal point of their offense. He lived up to those expectations in 2012, with 1,244 rushing yards, but was largely inconsistent. Still, he’d be very worthy of a late first-round pick.

#27. Emmanuel Sanders

Team: New England Patriots
Original No. 27 Pick: Devin McCourty
Original Slot for Sanders: Third round, No. 82 overall

Given the current state of the Patriots’ wide receiver corps, Sanders would be a welcome addition. He’s become a focal point of the Broncos’ offense and would have been a valuable pick for the Patriots.

#28. Sam Bradford

Team: Miami Dolphis
Original No. 28 Pick: Jared Odrick
Original Slot for Bradford: First round, No. 1 overall

Though Bradford has been a disappointment thus far in his career, the amount of potential he flashed in college was too good to pass on completely in the first round. The Dolphins were without a long-term quarterback solution at this point, and perhaps Bradford would have thrived in a different environment.

#29. Brandon LaFell

Team: New York Jets
Original No. 29 Pick: Kyle Wilson
Original Slot for LaFell: Third round, No. 78 overall

LaFell was a solid contributor for the Panthers before signing with the Patriots prior to the 2014 season. The Jets’ leading receiver in 2009 was Jerricho Cotchery, so LaFell would have been able to earn meaningful playing time.

#30. Alterraun Verner

Team: Detroit Lions
Original No. 30 Pick: Jahvid Best
Original Slot for Verner: Fourth round, No. 104 overall

Verner had a productive college career at UCLA, but his lack of ideal size for the position led to him being picked in the fourth round. He made the Pro Bowl team in 2013 and earned a $25.5 million contract with the Buccaneers prior to the 2014 season.

#31. LaMarr Houston

Team: Indianapolis Colts
Original No. 31 Pick: Jerry Hughes
Original Slot for Houston: Second round, No. 44 overall

Houston’s career AV is tied for the 26th-highest among all players from this draft. He signed a $35 million contract with the Bears prior to the 2014 season.

#32. Tyson Alualu

Team: New Orleans Saints
Original No. 32 Pick: Patrick Robinson
Original Slot for Alualu: First round, No. 10 overall

The Jaguars’ selection of Alualu at No. 10 was a surprise to everyone on draft night, and in this re-draft he comes off the board in a more expected slot. Given the Saints’ defensive struggles, he would be a welcomed addition in New Orleans.

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