A prison inmate in Colorado is suing the NFL regarding Dallas Cowboys’ Dez Bryant’s overturned catch in the Divisional game against the Green Bay Packers, and he is seeking the modest amount of 88 billion dollars.

Terry Hendrix is an inmate at Fremont Correctional Center in Cañon City, Colorado, and his lawsuit claims to be seeking the money “for but not limited to: negligence, breach of fiduciary duty, and also wreckless [sic] disregard.” Hendrix went into great detail, naming Vice President of Officiating Dean Blandino, game referee Gene Steratore and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell in his lawsuit.

He filed the lawsuit on behalf of Dez Bryant and all Cowboy fans who were allegedly wronged by the overturned call at Labeau Field, an overturned catch which gave the Packers the ball back and allowed them to run out the clock and advance to the NFC Championship game.

Hendrix claims that all of the Cowboy fans, himself included, “did suffer a true injury in fact when the respondent(s) did commit a fraud.” His suit will prove “the simple fact that Dean Blandino, Gene Steratore, and Roger Goodell are wrong, and have stolen a victory from the plaintiffs, because the Cowboys offense would have perfectly created an “Autobahn” for for [sic] DeMarco Murray to drive into the end zone for the score and victory.”

The full dollar amount named in the lawsuit is $88,987,654,321.88. You can see the entire thing here.

This is the first time a prison inmate has been known to sue the NFL, though it is doubtful the ridiculous lawsuit will ever find itself into a courtroom. For one thing, the lawsuit is handwritten. If it ever did, however, Terry hendrix has informed everyone who will listen that he will act as his own attorney. That would be fun to see, no doubt.

[photo credit: Matt McGee]