The 2012 Major League Baseball season kicked off Wednesday night at new Marlins stadium and it got us thinking about who the best teams are at engaging fans through Twitter. It turns out the Philadelphia Phillies blow away everyone with 679,519 followers while posting just over 4,000 tweets, by far the largest “follower to tweet” ratio in all of MLB.

The New York Yankees pace the American league with 554,000 followers, but have a very low tweet count of just fewer than 5,000, which is much less than many other teams. The Washington Nationals have the league’s lowest amount of Twitter followers with just a tad under 30,000. The San Diego Padres and Arizona Diamondbacks are just ahead of that with 32,700 and 32,900 followers, respectively.

The San Francisco Giants are the most active team on Twitter with over 18,000 tweets, which is far and away the most in the National League. The only team in all of baseball that comes close to the Giants are the Seattle Mariners with over 16,000 tweets. The two teams must be engaging different strategies, however, because the Giants have amassed 236,000 followers while the Mariners have accumulated just 44,000 followers, one of the lowest totals in the American League.

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Conversely, the least active teams in baseball are the Milwaukee Brewers, with just over 3,000 tweets, and the Baltimore Orioles in the American League with just over 3,300. Even with the Brewers having the least amount of tweets, they still have over 64,000 followers which is more than 13 other teams.

How did your favorite team end up? Full results are below.

NL East

Philadelphia Phillies: 679,519 Followers –4,655 Tweets
Atlanta Braves: 141,747 Followers — 7,754 Tweets
New York Mets: 76,446 Followers — 5,720 Tweets
Miami Marlins: 33,168 Followers — 3,436 Tweets
Washington Nationals: 29,954 Followers — 3,863 Tweets

NL Central

St. Louis Cardinals: 120,465 Followers — 3,509 Tweets
Chicago Cubs: 103,674 Followers — 4,758 Tweets
Milwaukee Brewers: 64,593 Followers – 3,025 Tweets
Cincinnati Reds: 76,176 Followers — 7,482 Tweets
Pittsburgh Pirates: 36,759 Followers — 6,094 Tweets

NL West

San Francisco Giants: 236,548 Followers — 18,362 Tweets
Los Angeles Dodgers: 101,161 Followers — 9,171 Tweets
Colorado Rockies: 34,666 Followers — 6,537 Tweets
Arizona Diamondbacks: 32,933 Followers — 10,740 Tweets
San Diego Padres: 32,721 Followers — 5,359 Tweets

AL East

New York Yankees: 554,254 Followers 4,800 Tweets
Boston Red Sox: 222,925 Followers — 7,734 Tweets
Toronto Blue Jays: 99,619 Followers — 13,373 Tweets
Tampa Bay Rays: 50,051 Followers– 3,473 Tweets
Baltimore Orioles: 37,346 Followers — 3,374 Tweets

AL Central

Detroit Tigers: 81,107 Followers — 6,509 Tweets
Minnesota Twins: 69,016 Followers — 6,683 Tweets
Chicago White Sox: 51,256 Followers – 4,619 Tweets
Cleveland Indians: 47,843 Followers — 4,631 Tweets
Kansas City Royals: 45,716 Followers — 4,102 Tweets

AL West

Texas Rangers: 126,640 Followers — 5,536 Tweets
LA Angels: 44,930 Followers– 3,558 Tweets
Seattle Mariners: 44,488 Followers — 16,387 Tweets
Oakland Athletics: 39,875 Followers — 4,712 Tweets

By Simon Ogus – Email | Twitter | Articles