Sidney Crosby mumps

Sidney Crosby has been diagnosed with mumps, making him the latest victim to the NHL outbreak. The Pittsburgh Penguins’ have just confirmed the star center’s mystery illness today.

Crosby’s mumps diagnosis has been revealed in a team press release. The gifted hockey forward has sat out two games over the weekend against the Calgary Flames and the Columbus Blue Jackets, and will continue to sit out Monday against the Tampa Bay Lightning to recover.

Pittsburgh Penguins’ general manager Jim Rutherford claims that Crosby’s test results came back positive on Saturday night. He says, “It’s a disease that’s going throughout the League and you just don’t know how far it can spread. We’re watching this on a regular basis.”

Sidney Crosby’s mumps symptoms appeared to be evident in a picture that has been floating around, and his swollen face tells all.

In 2013, there were less than 500 mumps cases, this year we are seeing double the amount, which is why it’s being called an outbreak.

Sidney Crosby’s mumps diagnosis is the latest in the NHL. The outbreak started with the Anaheim Ducks, plaguing three of their players including star sniper Corey Perry. The disease has continued to infect hockey players on the Minnesota Wild, New York Rangers, and New Jersey Devils.

Dr. Dharmesh Vyas, Pens’ head team physician says, “It came about as a bit of a surprise to us. Every indication was that he was well protected against the disease.”

Crosby was given immunization and a booster before the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. Sid and the entire team were also given immunization two weeks ago, as a safety precaution to the outbreak, which is why Vyas is surprised.

The Pittsburgh Penguins’ will continue to monitor the team and staff. If any symptoms develop such as fever, difficulty swallowing, chills, or body aches then they’ll be tested.

Sidney Crosby has mumps, and he’s currently recovering. Do you think the NHL mumps outbreak will start to slow down or get worse in the weeks to come?