Cincinnati Bengals defensive tackles Devon Still is currently supported his young daughter and her fight against adolescent cancer. The story of his young daughter and his support for her fight has gone viral on the internet, and it has inspired the most heartwarming story of the NFL season.

At a time when the NFL is dealing with child abuse, drug, and other related issues with its players, the Patriots cheerleader squad managed to bring tears to Still’s eyes. During Sunday’s game the Patriots showcased a video that supported the fight against childhood cancer. Following that video, which Still watched in its entirety, the teams cheerleaders showed up on the field dressed in Bengals uniforms.

Their wardrobe choice, approved by the New England Patriots front office, was chosen to show support for Still and his daughter.

As you may recall, the Bengals kept Devon Still on their practice squad and paid him a salary of $100,000. That gesture ensured that he would continue to receive the medical insurance he needs for his daughter’s cancer treatments. Stills recently told ESPN that his daughter’s medical bills could reach $1 million.

The Bengals created even more positive headlines when they promoted their practice squad player to a full member of the team’s active roster, increasing his salary to $400,000 per year, while ensuring full medical coverage for his daughter. The Bengals then started selling his replica jersey and donated the proceeds from that jersey to help pay for his daughters cancer treatment.

His daughter is currently undergoing treatments for neuroblastoma.

The New England Patriots didn’t end their support with just a bunch of cheerleaders in Cincinnati Bengals jerseys, Patriot’s owner Robert Kraft announced that he was donating $25,000 to the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

This tweet sums up the emotions Devon Still was feeling after the New England Patriots cheerleader squad honored his daughter’s fight with cancer.