Carolina Panther fans cheered an injury suffered by Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel Sunday, prompting their own quarterback, Cam Newton, to call them “classless.”

Manziel went down in the first half of Sunday’s 17-13 loss to the Panthers with an apparent hamstring injury. When he was down on the field and trainers were tending to his injury, several of the Panther faithful were cheering at the decisive quarterback’s bad fortune. Manziel is arguably the most infuriating player in the NFL for everyone outside of Cleveland, but his injury is not something other players take to lightly, regardless of how many feel about him across the league.

Newton went on to scold his own fans in an informal interview with Jonathan Jones of the Charlotte Observor. “It was saddening to see the crowds response (to Manziel’s injury). It was classless,” Newton said. “We are better than that.”

Sunday marked Newton’s return to under center for the Panthers after his own off-the-field injury, a car accident which left him with two transverse fractures in his back. The injury is similar to the one Tony Romo suffered earlier in the year against the Washington Redskins.

Manziel did not come back into the game after his injury. Brian Hoyer, who was benched earlier in the season for Manziel, stepped in and threw one touchdown and one interception. While he did not win the game, Hoyer fared better than Manziel, who has accumulated a mere 32 passing yards up to that point in the game. The highly-coveted Manziel has struggled mightily since taking over the starting job for the Browns.

Cam Newton and Jonny Manziel have become friends over the last few years, which explains Newton’s comments on his injury and his fans’ reactions. Earlier this week, Manziel said he looks up to Newton and appreciated his support when he was under fire for off-the-field issues while quarterbacking Texas A&M.

[photo credit: PDA.PHOTO]