Baltimore Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome testified on Thursday that he heard star running back Ray Rice admit to commissioner Roger Goodell that he struck his then fiancée during a heated hotel casino argument last June.

Newsome took the stand during the second day of Rice’s appeal hearing. The 29-year-old running back is seeking to be reinstated by the league, which banned him from play after video from the incident was made public.

Janay Rice and the NFL veteran are now married and at one point revealed they were seeking counseling to strengthen their union. Goodell initially suspended Rice for two games, but has now changed it to indefinite status.

Newsome’s testimony is in keeping with an ESPN September report which quoted four sources claiming Rice was truthful with Goodell. The commissioner has described the talk they had as “ambiguous.”

Both Rice and his wife also testified before U.S. District judge Barbara S. Jones this week. She is expected to rule on the case this month.

In seeking his immediate reinstatement, reps for Rice contend “the league’s indefinite suspension constitutes an enhanced punishment for the same violation.”

ESPN reported that details about what Rice and his wife testified to were not revealed. Shortly after footage of the video was publicly released, the Baltimore Ravens also severed all ties with Rice. As part of his suit, he is now also seeking to be paid by the team for all the games he has been forced to miss.

[Photo Credit: Keith Allison]