When players are asking for hundreds of thousands of pounds each week for a job we’d all do for free, it makes you sick doesn’t it? Hearing players turning down new deals at one club because they can get more somewhere else really does make your blood boil more than him leaving for your cross-town rivals.

Then you get the stories coming out of the club that they’re either going to break the bank to make their next superstar signing, or they’re not willing to break their wage structure to bring in someone who could take your beloved club from mid-table and the Europa League to battling for a place among Europe’s elite and becoming serious contenders for silverware.

It can be so infuriating being a football fan sometimes, but this interactive infographic from Clear Debt attempts to explain the reasoning behind these multi-million pound decisions. It shows exactly how much debt the top-flight clubs are in, their average attendance and ticket price as well as their social following, giving you a unique insight into how debt affects performance both on and off the field.

We read a lot on the back pages – or at least we read the odd bit between the pie and chips on the newspaper outside the ground on match day – about how off-field troubles can affect a team on the pitch, this is a unique insight into just how true that theory is. What better way to find out than using something cool, innovative and modern on your smartphone or tablet on the way to a game, even comparing yourself to your heroes. You can enter your own salary and see which player you’re most like and how long it would take you to earn their weekly wage, (although this may anger you so maybe look after the game so you don’t abuse an opposition player too badly – he might play well as a result!)

Another great feature with this infographic is that it shows the MVP – the most valuable profile – in your team. This isn’t just the best player or your top signing necessarily, it’s the player with the most likes and follows on the various social networking sites. This lets you see just who is the most popular player and whether your club’s MVP is your latest star signing or a product of a successful youth academy. Trust me, there are some interesting results…

Once you’ve taken a look at some of the stats and salaries and how you compare, share it on the various social platforms with your mates and have fun rubbing in that you’re more like van Persie or Bale than Titus Bramble!

View it in fullscreen at http://www.debt.co.uk/

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