The Giants have looked crisp throughout the preseason. Historically, the Super Bowl champs have had their struggles the following season, but the ship looks solid right now. The Giants have taken a media backseat to the soap opera that is the Jets. That’s where the Giants like it best, under the radar. Giants are currently at 18-1 to repeat as Super Bowl Champs.

Let’s take a quick look at the Giants season game by game.

9/5 Dallas (Home) – The Giants have been installed as a 4 point favorite. Definitely not a spot were the Giants should be flat. Dallas has been contending with the Dez Bryant circus this preseason, and Jason Witten will likely be a game time decision. If this was any team other than a division rival, I could see the Giants dropping this one. It doesn’t happen, the Giants prevail.
Giants 24 Dallas 20 (1-0)

9/16 Tampa Bay (Home) – The Tampa Bay Buccaneers come to town led by QB Josh Freeman and new HC Greg Schiano. This game has ugly written all over it. Giants with 11 days between games could have a battle here with the Bucs. The Giants hang on, but barely.
Giants 24 Tampa 23 (2-0)

9/20 Carolina (Road) – This is a scheduling nightmare for the Gmen. Have to travel to Carolina for a Thursday night matchup with the Panthers. A short week and travelling spells trouble. Carolina is off a home game against the Saints. Giants play sloppy and get their first loss.
Carolina 31 Giants 17 (2-1)

9/30 Philadelphia (Road) – The Eagles who always look good on paper welcome the Giants to beautiful Philadelphia. Will Michael Vick still be healthy in Week 4? This Sunday Night affair should be good one. Eagles score late and take the victory.
Philadelphia 27 Giants 20 (2-2)

10/7 Cleveland (Home) – Classic sandwich spot for Big Blue with the Eagles behind them and 49er’s upcoming, but off 2 consecutive losses the Giants come out strong and win easily. The Brownies just don’t have the firepower.
Giants 37 Cleveland 13 (3-2)

10/14 San Francisco (Away) – The Giants travel out west in a rematch of the last years classic NFC Championship Game. The 49er’s will not be short on motivation for this battle. Home Field and a little more motivation will be too much for the Giants to overcome.
San Francisco 27 Giants 17 (3-3)

10/21 Washington (Home) – The Giants come into this game at 3-3 and this almost become a “must” game with the monster schedule ahead. RG3 and the Skins will probably experience the inconsistency that most teams led by rookies QB’s endure. The Giants give RG3 headaches, and get a win against the Skins.
Giants 31 Washington 16 (4-3)

10/28 Dallas (Away) – Dallas is so Helter Skelter that a prediction here is near impossible. The Cowboys pull this game out late with some Romo magic. We know that magic disappears by the end of the season. Dallas gets the W.
Dallas 30 Giants 24 (4-4)

11/4 Pittsburgh (Home) – The Steelers come into East Rutherford to battle the Giants. This is another tough one for the Giants as there aren’t many cupcakes on the schedule in 2012. The Giants bounce back of the Dallas defeat in a very physical contest.
Giants 20 Pittsburgh 17 (5-4)

11/11 Cincinnati (Away) – The Bengals had a solid season and made the playoffs in 2011 led by rookie QB Andy Dalton. There’s no way they duplicate those results this season. The Giants will out physical Cincinnati here and win handily.
Giants 24 Cincinnati 10 (6-4)

11/18 Bye Week

11/25 Green Bay (Home) – These two teams have become rivals over the last five years with all the big games they played against each other. The Packers have undoubtedly circled this game on the schedule. I think the revenge factor here will be enough for the Pack. They’re loaded again, and the NFC favorite to win the Super Bowl. The Pack takes this game.
Green Bay 38 Giants 23 (6-5)

12/3 Washington (Away) – December. Money time. The Giants come in one game above .500. RG3 will have his hands full once again with the Giants D. The first Monday Night game of the year for the Giants, as they head to D.C. Look for the Giants to sweep the Redskins in 2012 as they roll to victory.
Giants 33 Washington 17 (7-5)

12/9 New Orleans (Home) – The Giants finally get the Saints at home. The Giants have had their struggles against the Saints down in New Orleans the last few years. They’ll get payback here against a Saint team that doesn’t make the playoffs. The Giants take care of business.
Giants 30 New Orleans 20 (8-5)

12/16 Atlanta (Away) – The Falcons still haven’t won a playoff game under Matt Ryan. That changes this year. Look for Atlanta to make a strong run in 2012-13. The offense is loaded. They win this late season game against the Giants.
Atlanta 24 Giants 20 (8-6)

12/23 Baltimore (Away) – The Giants travel to Baltimore to take on the Ravens two days before Christmas. Both teams will need this one to stay in the hunt for a playoff berth. The Ravens D will be too much for the Giants. The Ravens win in a hard fought battle.
Baltimore 23 Giants 17 (8-7)

12/30 Philadelphia (Home) – Win a playoff berth secured, the Eagles play reserves. This benefits the Giants that must win in order to reach the playoffs. The Giants get that win against the Eagles, and land a Wild Card spot.
Giants 30 Philadelphia 14 (9-7)

So there is a high level look at the 2012 Giants season. We’ll do a deeper analysis of each game during the season. The Giants fall in the second round of the playoffs. The schedule proves to be too much in 2012. What are your predictions for the Giants in 2012? Your comments are very much welcomed, pro or con.

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