The Packers defense came to play last night, big time. If the defense can continue to show like they did last night and you combine that with an unbeatable offense, the Packers just might repeat. However, we won’t worry about the Super Bowl just yet.

Speaking of that offense though, let’s talk about Aaron Rodgers for a little bit. Did anybody think that the slightly maligned back-up to Brett Favre would ever be this good? I remember when he was retiring, people were almost in a panic. “What is Green Bay going to do without Favre?”

“How can they survive without the gunslinger?”

Despite all that, Mike McCarthy didn’t budge from his stance that he had faith in Aaron Rodgers, he was one of the few who did. In his first year as a starter in 2008, Rodgers came out swinging. He threw 28 touchdowns, had 13 picks and had a QB rating of 93.8 (not too shabby). The great thing about Rogers is that he has been getting better with each year. This year, Rodgers has been on fire. He completes 72.9 percent of his passes, has already thrown for 2,869 yards, has 28 touchdowns and has a QB rating of 130.7–and the season isn’t even over yet. This year Rodgers has had seven games with three touchdown passes or more. The other two quarterbacks that did that were Tom Brady and Kurt Warner, both went to the Super Bowl the years they did that. Again, the season isn’t even over yet. To borrow a phrase from Marc Jackson, “Mama, there goes that man.”

In the game on Monday, Rodgers threw for four touchdowns, and the Packers didn’t allow the Vikings to score anything until the third quarter. That was the Vikings’ only score of the game, and thankfully for them it was a touchdown.

Vikings’ quarterback Christian Ponder did his best on Monday, but it wasn’t nearly enough. Ponder went 16/34 for 190 yards and one interception. The Vikings defense just couldn’t contain the Pack attack, and it was a blowout pretty early.

Wonder if the Packers can continue their win streak and run the table this year. Who knows? Can the Packers be the first team to go undefeated in the regular season AND the postseason?

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