It seems like everyday a new MMA fighter is getting busted for performance enhancing drugs (PED’s). However, it isn’t just the world of mixed martial arts and the Superbowl (Ray Lewis & Banned Substance Allegations) that has these issues are exploding. Traditional sports and arts like Takewondo also have to deal with these same issues.

The National Anti Doping Agency or NADA just release a statement saying that Takewondo superstar Chandan Lakra has been given a 2 year ban of the sport for a failed dope test. Lakra was Goa’s only gold medalist at Lusofonia in Macau and also in Portugal. However, NADA has now snatched those two gold medals and has asked Lakra to stay away from Taekwondo competitions for at least 2 years.

Officials from Goa where Lakra is from have come to the Tae kwon do superstars side and said he is a victim in this situation and that he was taking the wrong medication. They go on to say, “That boy [Lakra] is completely innocent and I can vouch for that.“ When he was being treated by a doctor and they prescribed him medicine he didn’t know that it was a banned substance.

So, it’s not only bicycling and MMA that is getting hammered for PED’S but also the traditional sports like Taekwondo. However, there is no indication as to what Lakra was taking in order to get banned, and Goa is fighting it but it looks like his ban is going to stick so it will be a long 2 years for Lakra.