We all know ways to cut for a fight. Whether that is an easy way, hard way, as long as you weigh in at what you’re fighting at, that’s the ideal goal for fighting. Right? Not so much.

We’ve all seen fights where someone just doesn’t look like they’ve got anything strength-wise, and perhaps could be a result of that cut, and it usually is. I have a couple of suggestions to keep the weight off, while not compromising strength or your workouts, which probably go overlooked while cutting, and still getting you to weigh in right:

Always try to keep the high-glycemic carbs (sugars, breads, cereals) separate from the low-glycemic carbs. In fact, research is now suggesting that high-glycemic carbs while cutting is not the best route because it has been said to lower your blood sugar levels, resulting in quick depletion of glycogen (carbs in your muscles), making you tired – a lot faster.

Usually, high GI (Glycemic Index) carbs when cutting are best used as an intra-workout supplement with a BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids) or whey protein shake, and it’s also a good thing to supplement yourself with glutamine for muscle recovery that fighters need.

Reach for a low GI carb if you can after your workout and during your normal meal. Easier said than done, but, brown rice, oatmeal, and sweet potatoes are the perfect slow absorbing, non dextrose carbohydrates that ALLOWS the fat burning effects, all while not sacrificing muscle mass, endurance, or strength, while it curbs your appetite because it absorbs slowly.

These foods also store more carbs in your muscles (glycogen), so you can make that 3rd (or 5th) round count. Saying that, don’t be afraid to go to strong in your strength training workouts, because while you’re burning off the pounds you can still add lean muscle mass, making you a stronger fighter while you’re cutting, and you’ll likely have better endurance.

And just for the record, I know I’m stating the obvious, ALWAYS crush protein, and ALWAYS drink plenty of water (you should go through 1 ½ -2 gallons while cutting, depending on size). They both help keep your metabolism up.

Happy Training!