We don’t often look to America’s pastime for new media’s future, but Major League Baseball’s Fan Cave is worth checking out.

This is how the Cave’s website explains the concept:

Welcome to MLBFanCave.com, where new videos, photos and blogs featuring baseball’s biggest stars along with celebrities, musical acts and other guests are posted every day, allowing fans to interact with the game in an entirely new way. The MLB Fan Cave, located at 4th Street and Broadway in the heart of New York City’s Greenwich Village is a first-of-its-kind space mixing baseball with music, popular culture, media, interactive technology and art.

Entering its third season, the redesigned MLB Fan Cave hosts fan events, concerts, MLB player and celebrity appearances, as well as the Cave Dwellers who will attempt to watch every game of the MLB season while chronicling their experiences online through videos, blogs and social media. One eventual winner will be crowned before the end of the World Series. Fans can follow all of the activity on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (@MLBFanCave). Click here to receive email updates.

So that’s interesting, right? A bricks and mortar base camp combined with a constant stream of social media and video, all seemingly working in harmony to promote the game.

They have over 1m Likes on Facebook and almost 250,000 Twitter Followers.

Let’s look at their videos.

This is bad.

It looks and feels like an ad for a sports drink. It’s not really insightful or intimate. You don’t know the player any better than you did before the video. It plays like PR copy or an ad. No one wants to watch that video online. It’s something like what you’re forced to watch during commercials when you watch a game on TV.

This is better. It’s still kind of artificial feeling, but at least we’re getting to know these characters as real people. It’d be much better if we met them in their own homes, or at their former jobs, and then went with to New York to meet the other Cave dwellers to get started, but this is still better than that last video.

Now for the best I’ve seen…

Why is that one so much better? It has a story, a likable hero, and it’s not hard-selling anything… yet you get the point – there’s something special about baseball that drives people from all over the world to it, and to inflict pain on themselves to show their passion. This is a fun, entertaining video and I’d watch more of this guy going to the WBC, watching games, having his parents roll their eyes at his tattoo, and all the rest. Good on you, MLB Fan Cave. More, please.