Mike Tyson is a huge fan of Floyd Mayweather Jr.s, at least when it comes to the flashy brawler’s extravagant lifestyle and excessive spending habits.

“Have a ball,” Tyson advises Mayweather who’s rumored to have pocketed checks for as much as $72 million as the undisputed and undefeated WBA and WBC welterweight champ, only to spend so frivolously some are predicting he’ll end up broke when all is said and done. As the youngest heavyweight champion in history and one of the biggest money-earners the sport has known, Tyson can relate to the way Mayweather might feel and lives.

In all, Iron Mike infamously burned through as much as a $300 million fortune, ending up imprisoned by his 25th birthday and virtually penniless less than a decade later.

Widely considered one of the sports all-time greatest by virtue of his five-division world titles, the 37-year-old Mayweather has recently emerged as Forbes highest paid athlet. In all, the man celebrated as “Money May,” is estimated to be worth hundreds of millions and more than free to spend at his elaborate discretion.

It’s the same life Mike Tyson used to have it what now seems like a lifetime ago. Still, Tyson would have you believe he wouldn’t change a thing about it. At least when it comes to changing the way he was able to live it up.

[Photo Credit: TheleetGeeks]