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Michael Jordan Says President Obama Is A Hack — But Not As A Politician

In a recent interview with sportscaster Ahmad Rashad, Michael Jordan spoke out against the president, saying Barack Obama is a hack — but not as a politician. Jordan was bashing on the president’s golfing skills, instead.

Rashad was asking Jordan about his dream golf foursome, mentioning, “The way I always answer this when they ask me is, I always put you in the foursome.” That’s not a bad choice, considering that Michael was rated by Golf Digest as the number 35 top athlete golfer.

Michael isn’t slow to dissuade Rashad of any notions that the feeling might be mutual, though.

I’m not gonna put you in my foursome. Don’t get offended.

Who else would the sports star not choose to play golf with? Barack Obama, apparently. See the video of the interview below.

Jordan does offer the disclaimer, though, that he isn’t talking about Obama’s politics, only about the presidential golf game.

Yea, don’t worry about it. I never said he wasn’t a great politician, I’m just saying he’s a sh***y golfer

Though Michael doesn’t get to finish naming his foursome, he does pick one name — Arnold Palmer.

As for passing out light-hearted insults to other golfers, Jordan isn’t a stranger to that game — most recently, he had the following exchange with Keegan Bradley, who Golf says is a frequent partner of Jordan’s, using his official Charlotte Hornets account:

Bradley started the short Twitter war, bragging about his apparent success against Michael on the golf course:

Jordan wasn’t knocked down, though — he came back fast, with a barbed response.

Bradley admitted defeat:

As for aiming a zinger at the current sitting president, well, it’s clear that from where Jordan sits, no one is exempt. The important question that yet remains, though, is whether Barack Obama will swing back.

[photo credit: simplistic.designs]