martial-arts-softwareAs a successful martial arts school owner, you’re invested in continuing to provide quality teaching to students who want to stretch and empower themselves—but are you using martial arts software to empower your own business? Getting organized and clear on your goals for your business—and following through—with the help of this software just might be the thing you need to take your martial arts school from good to great.

How are you currently keeping track of the growth of your business? If you’re seeing an increase in the number of students enrolling or a spike in interest among those who visit your school or view your ads, you’re probably feeling confident that what you’re doing is working. But do you know if you’re on track to making the profits you want to make, or whether you need to step up your efforts to get more students by the end of the year?

You could always hire someone to crunch the numbers for you, or you could make do with a spreadsheet. But the former can be expensive, and the latter takes time. Martial arts software can quickly and easily keep track of your business’s statistics (including financial) and track your progress toward your goals, and it doesn’t cost more than the initial investment.

Track Students, Staff, and Space using Martial Arts Software

You can track each individual student’s attendance using the software, and at one glance see who’s been attending regularly and who hasn’t shown up in a while. This information is invaluable in terms of boosting retention rates. Print out custom ID cards with barcodes for your students, and there won’t be any more drawn-out attendance taking while everyone waits for class to start. Instead, just scan the barcodes, and the software instantly updates those students’ attendance records. You can also track students’ progress toward their next stripes and belts by customizing the inbuilt rank management system for your particular program; this allows you to quickly determine how many students are ready for the next test and schedule them all at once.

Space management can be a chore if you have more than one school location or classrooms that are always in demand; make it easier for yourself by using martial arts software to organize. You can assign instructors to their classrooms well in advance to prevent last-minute scrambling for space. If you do need to make changes on short notice, the software streamlines the process (you can use it on your smartphone as well). Also, staff members who are on payroll can clock in and out right in the program, eliminating the need for a separate time clock.

Make interaction with your business easier for your students and prospective students by offering them the option of seeing a full listing of your scheduled classes online, including how many spots are left in each class. You’ll never overbook, leading to less frustration and more satisfied students. And, they can enroll and pay immediately. With martial arts software, you don’t have to set up a separate program or website to get this functionality: it’s all integrated.

Martial Arts Software Streamlines your Outreach to Current and Prospective Students

Don’t pay extra for an email marketing service—that feature comes bundled with your martial arts software. Design email campaigns that target specific groups of students and see how many of them are opening their emails and clicking on the links. You can even track how many email subscribers eventually become students to measure the success of your campaigns.

Martial arts software has the potential to revolutionize the ways in which you keep in touch with your students. Not only does it assist you in designing an easy-to-edit website as a space for up-to-date information about your school, but it provides an entire network of social connection. It includes a blog where instructors can post questions and insights about martial arts to keep students interested and curious, and student profiles (which students can update themselves) where they can see statistics tracking their progress. You can even use martial arts software to send out text and voicemail reminders and announcements—making it harder for students to miss class!

Finances get a whole lot easier when you use the software’s integrated bookkeeping program. Income is updated automatically when a student enrolls in a class or buys gear from your online store. Paper receipts can be scanned with your smartphone and entered into the system too. Once your income and expenses are tallied, it’s easy to see whether you’re making a profit—and how much. The software also calculates your taxes, eliminating the headache of trying to figure out how much you owe.

Your students are billed automatically on their payment dates, with the money going directly to your banking account. If a payment fails, the student is notified and the software automatically re-processes until the payment is successful. With the ability to accept credit cards (at low rates) and process transactions from your smartphone, you’ll be well on your way to making more sales. You could meet a prospective student anywhere—and now you’ll be ready.

These are just some of the ways martial arts software can make your life as a martial arts school owner easier. You can do most of these things without using the software, but do you really want to pay all that money for separate services, not to mention increase the potential for error because of lack of integration among them? Now you have the choice to truly get organized as a business owner and allow the quality of what you offer to shine through.