Even Marc Trestman sounded like he’s ready to pull the plug on the Marc Trestman era.

The embattled Chicago Bears coach took the podium in the wake of the team’s franchise low 55-14 Sunday night blowout loss to the rival Green Bay Packers and openly admitted “we have descended over the last three weeks and we didn’t make any changes or any positive movement after the bye. And that starts with me.”

Longtime Bears nemesis Aaron Rodgers riddled an overmatched defense for six touchdown passes and the Bears trailed 42-0 at halftime. The 55 points scored by the Packers represented the second straight game the once proud defense has surrendered at least half a hundred.

With the loss, the Bears dropped to 3-6 and four games behind front-running Detroit in the NFC North. But even that underachieving mark doesn’t do justice to just how bad they have been of late.

“I’m confused, brother,” said receiver Brandon Marshall. “I’m confused. Before the bye, it was one of those things where it was shocking. Then you look at this game, and the reality of it is this is the team we have, and we have to accept it. We’re just not very good right now. It’s a shame to have to say that.”

With that in mind, Trestman again weighed in. “The only thing I’m going to say is that we’re not good enough right now,” he said. “As I told our players, there’s a good team in there somewhere. We’ve seen signs of it this year. But we’re not a good team right now.”

[Photo Credit: Jim Larrison]