Manny Pacquiao Responds To Floyd Mayweather With Smack Talk

Manny Pacquiao responds to Floyd Mayweather with smack talk, after the undefeated American boxer called him out. The only boxing match the world wants to see might finally happen next year.

Mayweather says, “We are ready. Let’s make it happen. May 2. Mayweather versus Manny Pacquiao. Let’s do it.” He also says, “He’s desperate. I wanted that fight a long time ago. I’m just waiting on them.”

Pac-Man wants Floyd, and vice versa. Now it’s time to get it done and ready for next year.

Manny Pacquiao responds to Floyd Mayweather’s comments, and his words are pretty harsh. The Filipino phenom says:

“He has reached a dead end. He has nowhere to run but to fight me. I will try my best to make this a thrilling and entertaining fight. But I doubt if he’s gonna engage me in a slugfest. You all know his fighting style. Most of his previous fights, if not all, induced us to sleep.”

Mayweather fired shots, and Manny bites back at him with some words of his own. He goes on to bash his fighting style, and says he’ll devise a plan to catch him if he runs.

“I know what I have to do. I will chase him wherever he goes just in case he decides to run around the ring. We will devise a good fight plan against him.”

Pacquiao says the money doesn’t matter when it comes to fighting Floyd, and he just wants the fight to happen for the fans and boxing.

“Mayweather can get the amount he wants. I challenged him to a charity fight. Until now, he has not agreed to it. So, money is not the issue in our fight. This fight is about legacy, this is about making the fans happy and, above all, this is for the good of boxing.”

Manny Pacquiao has responded to Floyd Mayweather, and the fight looks like it’s getting closer to happening. Do you think the boxing match will actually happen May 2?