Add LeBron James to the growing list of sports stars willing to admit they wouldn’t want to see their young sons taking up the game of football.

The NBA’s four-time MVP recently told ESPN “he doesn’t let his sons play football. Only basketball, baseball & soccer in the house.”

The 29-year-old James was an all-state wide receiver while in high school in Cleveland and over the years has hinted at his possible interest in one day playing tight end in the NFL. But now, like many others, he seems concerned by the growing number of head injuries associated with the game.

Former NFL great and Super Bowl MVP Kurt Warner recently told reporters “he would prefer his sons didn’t play football” and even ultimate tough guy Brett Favre admitted if he had a son he would be “leery” of letting him take the field.

“In some respects, I’m almost glad I don’t have a son because of the pressures he would face,” said Favre, adding that all the punishment he took over his 20-year NFL career has left him facing “scary” memory issues.

In recent years a growing number of retired NFL players have developed cognitive issues such as dementia stemming from concussion related injuries suffered while playing the game. CNN reports in 2013 along, 228 diagnosed traumatic head injuries were reported during preseason and regular-season games and practices.

Earlier this year, a federal judge refused to approve a tentative $760 million settlement of claims arising from a suit filed by scores of former players suffering from the effects of previous head injuries because she felt the amount settled on was too small.

[Photo Credit: Keith Allison]