LeBron James is vowing to be more like himself in his return to his home state of Ohio and with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Widely viewed by many as one of the league’s top teams going into the season, the Cavs have shockingly gotten off to a 1-3 start, including losses to the lowly Knicks and Jazz. Just as shocking has been James admittedly “passive” play, lowlighted by his lowest scoring performance (11 points against Portland) since the 2008 season.

In the wake of all the unevenness, rumors are simming that the four-time league MVP and two-time champion might be trying to send a message to his new teammates about their somewhat undisciplined style of play.

It’s a fine line,” James said of the balancing act he now seems committed to. “I’ve had two games where I’ve played a little passive and been more of a set-up guy and it’s resulted in two losses. And I’ve had a game where I’ve been very aggressive and we won. It’s something that’s going on in my mind right now.”

Things were so out of whack during the Cavs’ 101-82 loss to the Blazers earlier this week, James spent much of his postgame news conference taking not so veiled swipes at teammates Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters over their shot-happy, 6-for-28, ill-advised showing. By contrast, James managed to get off just 12 shots.

“I will continue to preach it and they will get it,” James said of the need for him and his teammates to work together and find common ground. “We have to figure it out as a group. It can’t be just one or two guys.”

[Photo Credit:Keith Allison]