LeBron James admits his Cleveland Cavaliers are a “fragile” team as they desperately struggle to find chemistry and put an end to an ongoing four-game losing streak.

In being stream-rolled 119-103 by the Toronto Raptors Saturday night, the Cavs blew an 18-point first-quarter lead and committed 20 turnovers leading to 22 Raptors’ points. “We were a fragile team from the beginning,” added James. “Any little adversity hits us, we just shell up. That’s something that will come with experience.”

But all the Cavs’ problems hardly seem to begin and end there. Cleveland now has totaled 72 turnovers leading to 94 points for the opposition over their last four losses. And against Toronto, their bench was outscored 51-19, this coming just hours after the Wizards’ bench outpaced them 40-9.

“I think it’s all chemistry,” James said. “I think it has a lot to do with chemistry, knowing where guys are. For me, I’m throwing passes where I expect guys to be out there and that’s a problem of mine.”

Still, James remains confident the Cavs will ultimately find their way, though he admits that may take some time and first bring about even more pain and suffering.

“This is not even the lowest it’s going to get for us,” he said. “You guys know, the lowest it can get is up 17 in the fourth quarter of Game 2 of the Finals and losing. It can get that low. Or being up 2-1 and going to Game 4 and lose three straight in the Finals. That’s very low.”

James later added “I’m very optimistic. I’m very positive. More positive than I thought I would be right now, so, we look at what we did wrong, things that we did well and get ready for Orlando coming in on Monday. We got to continue to work the system, continue to play like we were before and go from there.”

[Photo Credit: Keith Allison]

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