To the average fan and observer, there was nothing different about the Kronum field during the 2nd Kronum League All-Star Game but to the players selected to do battle, the Round had shrunk to diminutive proportions. The Outer Ring boundary crept in, the Flex  bunched up, and the Prime Ring was what I believe Noah’s Ark to have been. Wild animals loaded into tight quarters together. However the story goes, divine intervention must have kept the creatures peaceful for over 40 days and 40 nights because in all reality wild beasts are immensely territorial and there comes a time when big dogs, or lions, bears, owls gotta eat. The tight confines of the Maple Zone Complex became very ill-tempered and territorial, very quickly as the premier talent from the six Kronum League teams combined for a mind-bending competition to showcase a plethora of superior speed, strength, agility, and overall athleticism that is no doubt on par with the best athletes and teams in traditional sports. Simply put, the NBA ain’t got nothin’ on us. Quote that.

The two teams: Kronum Honor and Kronum Pride were again selected by fans of the Kronum League to represent their respective teams in the Winter Showdown. Team Pride was led by 3-time champion and Nimble Jack captain Scott Kennedy and fellow 2012 title-game captain, Cory Robertson of the Urban Legends.