I want to be honest here and wish to explain my tardiness in providing the full Kronum League Week 1 rundown, scores, and  highlights that you’ve all been salivating for like Mastiffs in a meat plant. I’ve kicked around a few believable excuses, but whatever, I don’t need a cover up story or apology to appease KroNation. This update is overdue, it is what it is.

Hype is a word used to describe both the external environment surrounding an event, person, or thing and the internal perception of the participant or observer directly influenced by the event, person, or thing. These two factors combine to have an impact on a level that is understood by one, few, or many. In this case, Kronum impacted many. Players, spectators, referees, crew, and viewers via LiveStream all witnessed the HYPE on Sunday, October 9. There are believers. Here’s what happened:

Round 1/ Game 1: Night Owls vs. Urban Legends

Arms and offense pinned against feet and defense. This one was about contrasting styles of play and someone had to prevail. The Legends came out hot and turned away the Owls first few attacks on net, but the relentless drive and dish scoring approach of the Owls came in waves. Or flaps, if you will. Crossers Mark Stewart (8 assists, 12 points) and Jay Klein (5 assists)  of the Owls distributed to big shooters Luke Dougan (game-high 33 points) and Kyle McGrath (14 points) who buried 2’s and 4’s from the Flex and Cross zones all day while wedgeback Joe Tulskie notched 17 saves for the “One-Eye Opens”. Legends’ Wedgeback Kevin Glover kept fired up his squad by hitting three 4-point Crown Ring shots from the Flex and finished with a double-double (16 points, 11 saves) while Rangers Kevin Clark (13 points) and Dess Leeper (12 points) chipped in on offense. The Owls kept the pressure on and notched a victory in the opener with a 135-109 win.

Round 1/Game 2: Nimble Jacks vs. Jet Sets

This one had potential championship game caliber written all over it. The two-time defending champ Jacks against the 2010 upstart playoff Cinderella poised to make a run in 2011 with loads of talent and the Sets came out whipping balls into the back of the net. Chamber shots, crown rings, dunks, Gold Jacket, Green Jacket, who gives a hoot. 2010 Kronum League Scoring Champ Jeff Regensberg picked up his luggage where he last left it and paced the Sets with 39 points. Southpaw newcomer Steve Vandenburg (29 points) and foot soldier extraordinaire Nick DeLuca (20 points, 9 assists). The usually suffocating Jacks defense wasn’t their best. What to do? Score more. Captain Scott Kennedy might get GM of the year award as rookie Ranger Joe Petrino nailed home 47-points to lead all scorers on the day. It didn’t stop there. Jared O’Donnell, the Kronum League version of Pistol Pete Maravich scored a career high 42-points and picked up the slack for M.I.A 2010 All-Star Ryan Coyne. Matt Kump dished out 10 assists for the Jacks. The Jet Sets “Vote for” Vinny Greco stopped 17 shots and Pete Weiss had 15 saves in net for the Jacks. Both teams looked good and could be there at the end but the Jacks outlasted the Sets 135-122 in this one.

Round 1/Game 3: Work Horses vs. Throwbacks

Two old-school styles of play converged in the 4p.m. match. The T-Backs rode captain Joe Ferrigno’s complex defensive schemes and strong wedgeback play to a 2010 title game berth. On a similar note, the Horses earned their reputation on tough, physical D and a lot of athleticism in net coupled with a few big arms. Additionally, both squads added even more talent on both sides of the ball. Everyone anticipated a defensive struggle and that’s what they got. All-around talent Steve Botta (17 points, 13 saves) killed it for the T-Backs and got them out to an early lead but the Horses BIG shooter, Brett “Monster” McGlensey (14 points)  kept the Hoofs close with timely Flex scores. Kosta Nikolos (13 points) helped out on offense wit a patented set shot. Ferrigno did his best John Stockton impersonation and dished out 11 assists to waiting Rangers in the flex zone. Jim Bradley benefited the most and buried home 16 points to go along with 9 saves in net. Bill Zane kept the Horses in the game with a tough display in net and finished with 12 saves on the day. Horses’ Captain Jeff Yetter was sidelined with an injury but he may have not been enough to counter the strong D of the T-Backs as they fell 79-65 in the final game of the day.

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Live it. We do.