Move over Bobby Knight, there is a new sheriff in town and if you don’t like it, you can come get an earful too.

Matt Parsons has fits. While he doesn’t toss chairs onto the field (Kronum League uses aluminum benches), he has the vocal magnitude that would make Ozzie Guillen, or a grizzly bear, green with envy. Now, as a fellow competitor and friend, I can understand the motivation one gets from observing when one should be competing. That being said, disregard it. Parsons, serving as interim sideline boss while he recovers from a broken collarbone suffered as a result of his trademark hustle and arguably, reckless style of play. He made his presence known as referees, players, fans, the turf, my car, and a vagabond hitch-hiking on 322 became targets of everything that displeased the Sets skipper. Whether it was a judgment call that could have went either way, a questionable collision that left both a Night Owl and Jet Set player on the turf, or the undercooked eggs he had for breakfast, Parsons was pissed. He needs to be on the field for so many reasons in that he loves the game, is a top performer on both sides of the ball, and have helped lead a team on the down and out into a contender for the title in less than 1 year. Most importantly, he needs to be on the field so he can stop seeing ALL the action that a panoramic sideline view offers and we won’t hear his majestic opinions as often. If you’re coming to Maple Zone this Sunday, October 23rd, be ready. You may the next subject of his Matt Parsons VS. The Universe project.

If you play the Jet Sets, bring your headsets.

Kronum League 2011. Live it.

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