Klay Thompson has set a new NBA record for points scored in a single quarter. The young star is elevating his game more all the time, and proved how elite he is when scoring 37 points in a quarter, leading to a 52 point game, his career high.

The Golden State Warriors are led by arguably the NBA’s best backcourt with Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, but Thompson can be overshadowed by the skills of Curry sometimes. However, last night’s game could prove otherwise as he continues to improve, breaking the record that was previously set by Carmelo Anthony and George Gervin at 33 points.

Stephen Curry was recently voted as the starting point guard for the western conference, and also received more votes than any other player, leading to a possible MVP season. The Golden State Warriors are leading the NBA with a record of 35-6, and recently won their 17th consecutive home game.

Klay Thompson does not get all the credit that he deserves in the Golden State backcourt, but his performance in the third quarter of last night’s game was unlike anything the NBA had ever seen before.

Every one of his made baskets was compiled and his record breaking performance can be relived over and over.

The Sacramento Kings had no answer for Thopmson in the game that ended 126-101, and the Warriors continue to dismantle the defense of any opponent they face. The Kings are now at 16-27, and in 12th place in the western conference.

In the unbelievable third quarter performance, Klay Thompson was 13 for 13 in field goal percentage, and 9 for 9 from behind the arc. He may not have been initially selected to the western conference as a starter, but after last night’s show, he should be playing as a reserve at least. Perhaps he will even take Kobe Bryant’s spot as a starter since he can’t play?

His teammates couldn’t believe what they saw, and in a post-game interview, Draymond Green said that the performance was unreal. He went even further to say that “You can’t do that in a video game,” and was at a loss for words on his teammate’s unbelievable game.

After Klay Thompson sets the NBA record for most points in a quarter, what is next for the Golden State Warriors? Will they end up winning the NBA championship this year?

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