Kevin Garnett was ejected after some major pushing and shoving between him and Dwight Howard. The veteran forward delivered a headbutt to Dwight Howard, and continued to charge at him as both teams had to intervene in order to prevent more damage.

Garnett has never been shy of showing his aggression on the court, and this is only one of many instances that he has been forced to leave the game because of it.

The altercation that resulted in Kevin Garnett being ejected came in the first quarter of the game against the Rockets on Monday night. The Nets were forced to play the rest of the game without him and struggled as a result, losing 113-99.

With 7:53 remaining in the quarter, Garnett and Howard got tangled up as Howard was trying to catch a lob pass in the paint. After a foul was called on the play, the two of them exchanged pushes, but Garnett took it further when throwing the ball at him, getting in his face, and proceeding to headbutt him.

Following the conclusion of the shoving match, Kevin Garnett received a personal foul and was ejected, while both players received technical fouls. He may also face further discipline from the NBA for his actions.

Garnett was not able to give a press conference following the game, but Howard did respond to questions by saying “I don’t know” when asked how he felt about the fight. The two players have encountered each other a number of times and on different teams while playing in the NBA, and never shy away from trying to be the toughest on the court.

The latest scuffle between the two NBA stars results in Kevin Garnett being ejected, but perhaps next time it will be Dwight Howard leaving the game. The Nets are struggling in the eastern conference despite being in the top 8, while the Rockets are ranked third in the western conference.

[Photo Credit: Youtube]

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