Florida State star quarterback Jameis Winston has been cleared of allegations he violated the university’s student conduct code.

According to ESPN, the former Heisman Trophy winner’s attorney David Cornwell confirmed on Sunday Winston was recently ruled “not to have violated” university code. The allegations stemmed from a former FSU student claiming she was sexually assaulted by Winston at an off-campus apartment in December of 2012. A Tallahassee police investigation later resulted in no criminal charges be brought against Winston.

During the early December held school-hearing, Winston declined to directly answer questions but did read from a five-page statement where he offered his account of what transpired that Dec. 7 night when he was alleged to have violated university conduct code.

More specifically, several media outlets report Winston consistently refused to answer any questions posed to him by either the former Florida State Supreme Court Justice who oversaw the proceedings or lawyers representing the alleged victim.

Now free of claims he violated the school’s conduct code, Winston is expected to devote his undivided attention to the Seminoles upcoming Rose Bowl battle against Oregon. Florida State, Oregon, Alabama and Ohio State are the only four schools remaining with a chance of being crowned national champions.

For Winston and the Seminoles, it’s also a chance to join Alabama (2011 and 2012) as the only repeat national champion since Nebraska commencing in 1994.

[Photo Credit: KatVitulano Photos]