Injured Los Angeles Lakers Point Guard Steve Nash posted a video of himself hitting golf balls at a driving rage, drawing the ire of Lakers fans online.

Nash allegedly injured his back carrying bags in September, and is going to miss the entire season. Despite claiming back issues, Nash posted the video on and sent the internet into a full-throated rage.

Fans commented on the video, saying things like “SMH…just collecting the checks. Meanwhile Lakers are 0-5,” and “He’s not A true Laker. He even said …. Collecting the checks!!!” Twitter did not have a sympathetic response either:

Since Nash announced he will miss the season with the recurring back problem, he has been missing in action from the team. While the Lakers gave Nash permission to stay away from the team during the season, general manager Mitch Kupchack and coach Byron Scott have both said they hoped Nash would show his face from time to time. Scott has not had the opportunity to speak to Nash, but hopes to do so soon.

“Hopefully this week, I’ll get a chance to reach out to him, talk to him and see how he’s doing,” Scott said at a press conference. “Hopefully he can come out here and help us out a little bit. That’s totally up to Steve. You have to give him space. But I’ll definitely try to reach him out this week.”

Steve Nash hitting golf balls is the least of the Lakers problems right now, as they have yet to win a game early in the season. Nash is still collecting his $9.8 million paycheck from his contract with the Lakers.