5 innovative ways to engage and inspire your MMA followers!

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) athletes already use Twitter fairly well. In fact, Dana White, President of the UFC, uses Twitter to post tid bits from his daily life, and even to create excitement around events by offering a set of free tickets to fans who can find him (and then he Tweets his current location). The great news is that you can tweet from your laptop, your smart phone, or even from one of those handy new Ultrabooks.

Success on Twitter for MMA fighters is more about creating an account and posting messages—you need to engage with your fans. And that might be through a combination of sharing details on upcoming MMA events, fights, inside tips on how to become an MMA fighter for fans, and more!

Creating an engaged following is the key to building your personal brand as a fighter as well as your brand as part of the MMA organization. Here are five simple tips to punch up your Twitter presence…

1. Deals

Some of the most successful businesses use Twitter to post exclusive deals (think of Dana White posting his whereabouts on his Twitter profile in exchange for free tickets to the first fans who locate him). Take his cue and post a daily or weekly deal, something that’s entirely exclusive to the MMA and Twitter. This is a great tactic to build anticipation, conversion, and even attract new followers around your upcoming fights and events.

2. Create a hashtag

Hashtags (keyword phrases proceeded by a # character) are an incredibly powerful Twitter tool that helps you track a specific topic. For instance, #MMAElite is used by the site MMAelite.net to boost their authentic MMA fight brand and promote UFC events as an official sponsor! Using a hashtag, the brand is able to search and track organic traffic on Twitter. Use your hashtags sparingly to share current and hot topics about the MMA with fans and you will create buzz (a trendable conversation).

3. Tweet images

You’ve heard the saying that a picture is worth a 1,000 words—it’s certainly true on Twitter where an image is worth a whole lot of Tweets if it’s engaging! There can be a lot said about showing your fans rather than telling them (or Tweeting them text in this case). So use TwitPic to promote images of your fighting brand—pictures of you training, at fan events, and encourage fans to Tweet their pictures of fighter encounters.

4. Personal shout-outs

When I follow a new contact on Twitter and that contact gives me a personal shout-out, I won’t lie, I feel important. People who follow anyone on Twitter, including MMA fighters, need a reminder that they are valued. Instead of being a faceless automated Twitter account, give you fans some kudos. I’m not saying that you need to give individual shout outs to everyone that follows you on Twitter, but Tweet high-fives, kudos, and shout-outs to say your manager, your fellow fighters who show exemplary skill, your MMA mentors, and those who do important work behind the scenes that makes the MMA what it is for you and for fans.

5. Post fighting tips

Many of your fans follow you on Twitter because they have dreams of becoming an MMA fighter themselves. The Twitter platform provides a great opportunity for you to offer your fans the information that they want—and that only you can give. Think of it this way—if you’re a fighter with a good fan base—many fans probably admire your skill as a fighter. So share your history, how you became a fighter, how you got your break, your training techniques, your workout tips, your diet tips, and more with your fans. This will not only increase your popularity as a person who wants to see their fans succeed—but also the overall brand of the MMA.