San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick was fined $10,000 this week after he wore a pair of Beats headphones. The NFL recently signed an exclusive deal with Bose, a deal that barred any other manufacturers headphones during any time when cameras are focused on players. Following the deal, the NFL specifically banned any non-Bose headphones from the locker room, the field, or while players are talking to members of the press after a game.

When the sponsorship was announced, Business2Community reported that many NFL players have pre-game traditions that often included their use of Beats Headphones, a tradition that some players would likely continue despite the threat of $10,000 fines.

On Thursday Kaepernick was fined after he was spotted talking to members of the press with his Beats on after his teams 22-17 win over the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday. The headphones were worn by the NFL star while in his teams locker room.

Kaepernick refused to comment on who will be paying the fine. The QB told ESPN, “I’m going to let that be unanswered.”

It is likely that Beats Headphones has agreed to pay any fines for the San Francisco quarterback. Colin Kaepernick stars in a Beats commercial and the company has cultivated an image that would match a certain level of defiance.

The Bose NFL sponsorship might ban all headphones, however analysts were quick to note that the company is likely running scared because of Beats. The Dr. Dre. founded company now accounts for sixty one percent of the market and Bose owns twenty two percent.

Beats Headphones were picked up earlier in the year by Apple for $3 billion, a move that led many fans to question whether or not Apple would maintain the Beats images. By fighting back against Bose, Apple can maintain its anti-establishment image, while create strong support among NFL fans.

If Colin Kaepernick is willing to pay a $10,000 fine just to wear Beats headphones, and the company convinces other NFL stars to do the same, Bose could in essence be funding a major Beats headphones campaign.

According to several sources, it was the NFL who chose to ban Beats headphones. Perhaps Bose needs to approach the NFL’s front office and call off the ban, for fear that more positive news could go in Beats’ favor if the ban continues.