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In movies that involve a school bus, there’s always that one person who is running after the bus. In high school, we were either laughing or we attempted to get the bus driver to stop for that person. Even traveling on vacation with family can bring a lot of stress, as we try to make sure everyone is at the right place at the right time. In the world of sports, things aren’t much different. Sometimes the most important people get left behind.

A San Francisco Giants bus driver left behind someone. This someone was the Giants team manager Bruce Bochy. Bochy wasn’t left behind in the best of places either. He was stranded at Dodger Stadium following the Giants 9-5 win over the Dodgers.

Bochy said “,the bus left me” on Saturday before the second game of the series. Also, he added “, I though it was like, Leave no troops behind.” Brandon Crawford, a shortstop for the Giants saw his manager and offered him a ride. However, Bochy wasn’t staying at the same hotel as the team and didn’t want Crawford to go out of his way. After 35 minutes, a cab finally showed up, but the driver couldn’t find the manager. Being outside a sports stadium at night on game day doesn’t make locating someone the easiest task.

But, this team manager is not alone as there are other instances of when athletes missed their transportation. Bochy said he was outside before 11:35. Also, he added if he wasn’t outside he wouldn’t have been the first to miss a team bus. In fact, running back Adrian Peterson missed his team bus back in 2012 before a game. Luckily with the help of a cab driver he made it to his game.

A $20 taxi got Bochy back to the hotel and he was able to make it back fine to Saturday’s game. Headcounts that took place before leaving school field trips perhaps should be implemented for professional sports teams on the road.

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