The Detroit Pistons are on a six game winning streak since releasing Josh Smith from the team. Their latest win came last night against the San Antonio Spurs, which no one could have predicted, ending with a score of 105-104.

He was once a star player for the Atlanta Hawks, but did not do much for Detroit, and perhaps getting rid of him was the right decision. The Pistons have struggled for several years following their NBA championship win that happened over a decade ago.

Any win may come as shock for Pistons fans as the team started the season 5-23, and are now up to 11-23. Fresh faces are helping the Pistons franchise lately as Brandon Jennings helped the team win on a last second last night, and Jodie Meeks recently came off the bench to lead them to a victory over the Magic.

The Detroit Pistons are not missing Josh Smith from the results of their recent games, and continued to get lucky breaks from the Spurs throughout the game. The final winning shot came off of a bad inbounds pass from Tim Duncan, allowing Brandon Jennings to drive the length of the court, and win the game.

The Pistons could be improving as a team with a big win like this, and they were also down 18 in the first half, showing that they are able to make a comeback. They are currently sitting at 13th place in the eastern conference, but several teams ahead of them have a similar record.

Speaking on the comeback and final play of the game, coach Stan Van Gundy said “If you stay in there, sometimes you get a break. We had a very good break at the end. We got lucky at the end. Our resolve to stay in the game right down to the last few seconds was huge.”

In addition to Jennings’ last second shot and 13 points overall, Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe each provided a double double in order to win the game. The Pistons have not made the playoffs since the 2008-2009 season, but could this be their turning point?

Following the 6th win in a row for the Detroit Pistons without Josh Smith, they will travel to Dallas, where that streak will likely end. The Spurs will host the Phoenix Suns, which should be a good game since the Suns are only half a game behind the Spurs following their loss.

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