That’s right, the Detroit Lions are undefeated this season. You wouldn’t believe it, but after two dramatic come-from-behind victories two weeks in a row, and three other convincing NFC North wins, the Detroit Lions are prepared to shock some people.

One of the biggest stories for the Lions this season has been the emergence of Calvin Johnson. When I say emergence, I don’t mean to suggest that Johnson hasn’t been good since he started with the Lions in 2007. In fact, last year was his second-best season, statistically speaking. The biggest turn around that Johnson has had this year is that he is a consistent, and deadly, touchdown threat. Johnson’s career-best for touchdown reception has been 12. This season, he has caught nine TD passes in five games; that’s an NFL record. That’s right, Calvin Johnson beat Randy Moss’ record of eight TD receptions in the first five games of a season. If Johnson keeps up the trend, he could have close to 32 touchdowns by the end of the season. That just means Matthew Stafford is going to have to keep finding him, shouldn’t be too hard, right?

Another great story for Detroit on Monday’s game was Jahvid Best. Best, who has been decent for the first four games, came alive against Chicago. Best, in the first four games of the season, averaged about 2.9 yards-per-carry and had 123 rushing yards. Against Chicago, Best rushed for a career-high 163 yards, got 13.8 yards-per-carry.

As a fan of another perennial loser, the Arizona Cardinals, I can’t help but be happy for the Lions (not only that, but they are my mom’s favorite team). The Cardinals aren’t going anywhere this season, so why not push the Lion band wagon a bit?

Some more stats that might impress you is that Detroit is seventh in the NFL in passing yards, 24th in rushing yards, 12th in passing yards allowed and 18th rushing yards allowed (not bad, right?). Next week, the Lions face a hot San Francisco team that ought to prove to be a good game. A game you might want to look forward to is week 12 when the Lions take on the Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers.

I’m for them running the table, are you?


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