Dennis Rodman insists mastering Phil Jackson’s triangle offense is not difficult, pinning much of the blame for the New York Knicks struggles on the shoulders of coach Derek Fisher and star forward Carmelo Anthony.

“If I know Phil, he just feels like crap right now,” Rodman told ESPN. “I think he just feels like, ‘Wow, I thought I came here to do a great job and revitalize the city of New York.’ He didn’t expect this. You came to be the savior and all of a sudden it’s like, ugh. Then you went and got Derek Fisher. Really, is he coaching? I don’t know what’s up with that team, man.”

Later, Rodman took Anthony to task, openly wondering what other star players would be willing to put up with what he hinted he feels is Anthony’s selfish style of play.

“How are you going to play with a superstar like Carmelo Anthony when he wants to shoot the ball all the time and everybody else has to play their role?” he said. “How are you going to do that? Everybody has an opportunity to touch the ball and shoot it. It seems like it goes back to Carmelo Anthony and then everything stops.”

As for Jackson’s famed triangle offense which he won three titles playing in while in Chicago, Rodman added “I learned that in probably 15 minutes. It’s not that difficult. It’s a triangle. They’re not running the triangle. Derek Fisher’s not really coaching.”

Entering Tuesday night’s game against New Orleans the Knicks were a ghastly 4-18, the worse 22-game stretch in franchise history. Earlier this week, Jackson admitted he’s growing a bit worry about the Knicks ability to attract top tier free-agents given their ongoing struggles.

“I’m not happy about that,” he said. “We have players that are part of our long term that must consistently perform at a level in this system of offense to demonstrate that they’re progressing and what the advantages are to what we’re doing. I like the competitive nature, but I think right now we have a loser’s mentality.”

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