David Blatt wishes LeBron James would just do his job.

On several occasions over the Cleveland Cavaliers 5-5 opening struggle, James has been seen admonishing and “coaching” teammates during timeouts. All this comes at a time when the rookie coach is trying to find his own way in the NBA. The reality of King James looming on the sidelines and ministering to his charges can’t make matters any easier.

On several occasions during the Cavs 92-90 loss to the Spurs earlier this week, Blatt found himself boxed out from the team huddles as James held court with Kyrie Irving Kevin Love and the like.

Yahoo.com reports James and Blatt appear positioning themselves to run the same team. And all those championship predictions many have ordained for them largely hinge on them being able to come together as one in their development.

“If James wants this to be a partnership, it’ll be one,” wrote Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski. “If not, it’ll make success impossible for Blatt.”

James has already admitted he considers trying to get this Cavs’ team to the point of being ready to win as he has as a two-time champion the biggest challenge of his career. Though he rates second in the league in scoring behind Kobe Bryant, it’s hardly been enough for the Cavs’ in overcoming their struggles.

“This is more challenging than me trying to win my first championship,” he said. “Because that was a personal goal of mine. Doing this was never a goal until I decided to come back to Cleveland. I’ve taken on the burden of leading young guys, “getting them to understand what it takes to win. And it takes more than just basketball. It’s about being a professional, not having a sense of entitlement, being grateful that you’re a part of this league. Those things have a lot to do with winning.”

[Photo Credit: Erik Daniel Drost]