CM Punk to TNA

CM Punk famously walked out of the WWE during a January taping of WWE ‘Raw.’ That decision may not have ended his professional wrestling career. According to executives at TNA, CM Punk is currently negotiating terms for his return to professional wrestling outside of the WWE.

The team at WrestlingInc revealed details of how TNA approached CM Punk:

“This was done similarly to how they reached out to Alberto Del Rio, through an intermediary who is friends with Punk. The idea pitched was said to be a huge deal for Punk to be the top star of the company with pay similar to what Hulk Hogan was making. The idea is that Punk could be TNA’s flagship star and if he signs now, he could help get a strong TV deal.”

The move to secure well known wrestlers is important for TNA. Earlier in the year SpikeTV began to lose interest in airing professional wrestling events from TNA. It was later revealed that “Impact Wrestling” will stop airing on Spike TV at the end of the year. TNA was a mainstay of the network on Wednesday nights.

In terms of landing CM Punk, TNA President Dixie Carter says, “Negotiations remain ongoing beyond this time frame.”

With CM Punk on the roster WWE’s biggest rival would most definitely witness a rating bump whenever he was prepared to enter the ring.

An insider says CM Punk has declined an initial offer from TNA, choosing to remain retired. TNA based on Carter’s statement, seems to think they can convince CM Punk to leave retirement and join their organization.

CM Punk wouldn’t be the first former WWE wrestler to sign with TNA. In the past the organization has managed to rope in Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, Hulk HoganTNA and Brodus Clay, who now fights under the TNA name Tyrus.

Do you think CM Punk can save TNA by drawing in a large audience of his own fans?