Savannah Marshall

Claressa Shields’ next fight is vs British WBO champion Savannah Marshall 10th, a title fight after ten years of bad blood and rivalry.

Savannah Marshall has praised the boxing performance and ‘calibre’ of Claressa Shields in a new exclusive interview by Lucky Block, but not her ‘attitude’, which is a ‘headache’ and feels like a way of trying to get the haters to watch her – the ‘Floyd Mayweather effect’.

Claressa Shield’s Next Fight

The undisputed fight will take place at London’s O2 Arena on September 10th and will be one of the biggest women’s boxing fights in history, for the middleweight world championship.

Britain’s Savannah Marshall is the only boxer to have ever defeated women’s Olympic boxing medallist Claressa Shields, back in 2012 in the AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships in Qinhuangdao, China. Claressa was just 17 at the time, and Savannah is the older fighter (now 31 years of age to Claressa’s 27). Back then Claressa was a relative unknown.

In an exclusive ringside interview on the Lucky Block YouTube channel, Jamie Jewitt of Love Island fame asks Savannah if the dislike is genuine or just a way to sell the fight:

‘It stems down to Claressa and her attitude. For me she was just an opponent I’d boxed.

Then she went on to win two Olympic medals, one of the pound for pound best females in the world, undisputed champion at three different weights – honestly I think she’s an amazing fighter but you can’t, you know, say things to someone and talk about another champion or another boxer in the way that she does and not expect a bit of backlash.

I think that’s what she’s got away with, she’s a bully, you can’t slander people on social media and in interviews, and then when it comes to it try and be best mates. That’s not the way the world works.’

Jamie Jewitt mentioned that this next fight will potentially be even more explosive than the lightweight title fight of Katie Taylor vs Amanda Serrano, also an undisputed fight.

Irish Katie Taylor defeated Puerto Rican Amanda Serrano on April 30th by split decision.

‘After the performance Katie and Amanda put on, the stadium filled with record numbers – they’re two big pioneers in female boxing. So even to be mentioned in the same sentence as both of them two is an honour.

Obviously the rivalry is there between me and Clarissa, its a long time in the making – it’s actually coming up to ten years since we boxed as amateurs. It’s our anniversary.’

Savannah Marshall boxer

The First Claressa Shields vs Savannah Marshall Fight

When asked about the background of that fight ten years ago which Claressa may see as a score to settle, Savannah explained:

‘It was a qualifier for the Olympic Games, 2021 – the first time female boxing had been introduced to the Olympics. I remember at the time, everyone talking about this American. I think she featured on the front cover of Time Magazine and all this.

I think she was about 17 and I was 20. I remember everyone saying she’s unbeaten, this American, this American – and then the draw came out and I had the winner of USA and another, I got a by so they had a box-off – and I remember thinking look at that I’ve drew the favourite, just typical, my Olympics is over.

Then it got to the point before the fight and I remember thinking hang on, I’ve worked just as hard as you – and that was it, we boxed, and there wasn’t really anything that stood out when I boxed Claressa. It was the old scoring system so it was like a punch for a point, and I’d won by quite a clean margin. It might have been about six or eight points. Then I was on to the next fight.’

She explained that their history makes the fight more exciting but they’ve both changed and developed as boxers since than and have new strengths and weaknesses.

Savannah Marshall went on to say she is ‘smarter than Claressa’, with a ‘better boxing brain’ and that is what will win her the fight and make her the undisputed middle weight champion:

‘She’s fast, she’s not stupid, she’s got upper body movement – but I genuinely believe that I am a better fighter than Claressa. I believe I’ve got the best team in boxing, the best trainer in the world in Peter Fury. He’s never put me wrong since joining him.

People say I’ve never been tested whereas Claressa has been, but I’m confident in my team. I train hard, I have hard sparring, and that gives me confidence.’

Jamie Jewitt has also recently interviewed other Lucky Block crypto project ambassadors in the boxing world including Dillian Whyte, and Joe Joyce and Florian Marku also recently joined the team.

Commenting on her recent sponsorship by the cryptocurrency project, Savannah said:

‘I think we’re a brilliant brand match. I was over the moon when they approached me and asked me to become part of the team. Seeing what Lucky Block are doing in the boxing world at the moment is unbelievable.

I noticed that they were supporting Dillian Whyte, and I kept seeing it everywhere and thinking they’re making big moves in the sport. And with me on my mission, I believe we’re a perfect fit.’

Jamie Jewitt ended by saying the whole of the UK believe Savannah can win and are behind her.

Claressa Shields on her Next Fight

American Claressa Shields has stated she plans to ‘make the country mad’ by beating Savannah – in a BBC Sport interview Claressa said:

‘Whoever supports Savannah Marshall, I want them to hate me after this fight. I’m fighting against all them. I live for these moments.

Savannah isn’t ready for this media attention. She’s been saying my name over and over again. First she said she will knock me out. Now she’s going to outbox me. Which one is it?’

She’s getting smarter and realising this fight won’t be as easy as she thought. Now she’s in with an elite fighter. I plan on hurting her and I plan on surprising her.

She’s disrespectful to me online. She trolls me. Savannah is sturdy, experienced and a knockout artist, but as a person, she’s a hater.’

Claressa Shields Boxer

Via BBC Sport Twitter

Claressa Shields may have been referencing when Savannah Marshall called her necklace ‘stupid’ and ‘daft’. Claressa’s necklace reads ‘GWOAT’ for ‘greatest woman of all time.’

Savannah Marshall is undefeated in 12 pro fights, beating Scottish boxer Hannah Rankin to win her current WBO belt, who Claressa Shields has also beaten.

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