Any Chicago Bulls fan will tell you that mascot Benny the Bull is one of the best in the league. The fan favorite mascot really took his act to another level during the game against the Boston Celtics on Saturday when he intervened during a spat that happened on the Kiss Cam.

When you go to an NBA game with your significant other, it’s a given that you could become a victim of the Kiss Cam. Some people look forward to it and others aren’t fans, but regardless, most people pucker up and get it over with if the cam catches them.

But not one Celtics fan. When the Kiss Cam landed on him and his girlfriend, he was talking on his cell phone and refused to put it down long enough to give his lady a kiss. After getting whacked on the arm, the Celtics fan broke away from his phone long enough to argue for a moment, but then resumed his conversation. The girlfriend looked furious, but no worries–Benny the Bull, the mascot for the opposing team, stepped in and handled business.

After shoving the Celtics fan in the head, the Chicago Bulls mascot led the girl out to the aisle where he proceeded to sweep her off her feet and carried her away. The crowd loved it–check out a video a fan took of the incident below:

It’s certainly possible that the whole thing was staged, but either way, the fans loved it and it certainly makes for an entertaining video.

Check out the tweets below to see what some users had to say of the Chicago Bulls mascot’s stunt.

On the slight chance that this is real, to add insult to the Celtics fan’s injury, the Chicago Bulls ended up beating the Boston Celtics in overtime. Watching your team lose 104-109 in overtime stings, but watching Benny the Bull make off with your girlfriend because you wouldn’t get off the phone and kiss her really takes the cake.

[Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons]

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